Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Star Wars Attacktix Series 3 - A New Look?

Star Wars Series 3 is hitting shelves again, so you can finally complete that collection. Staff member, Notpicard, noticed that some of these second wave figures are sporting some new paint colors and applications:

I just got some more Series 3 figures and have discovered that Hasbro has made a few production changes to make the figures look a little bit better. I think there may be a variation on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hammerhead because they look quite different from pics, but I don't have another to compare. Anyway, Look at what I found:

Boba dark with silver on his backpack/launcher

Greedo is sporting a dark vest

Luke's upper legs are now painted. And that isn't the color off in the pic; his lower legs are darker.

The I-just-saw-a-ghost Stormtrooper disguise figures have been much improved. Hair color has been adjusted as well. These guys finally look closer to the other attacktix of them.

Threepio is sporting a new "gut" paint job, with some black paint, where it once was all golden.

And this one I am confused by. I have a Bossk whose leg cuffs match his legs a bit more and are less green. (Not exciting, but I thought I would see if anyone else would notice a difference on any of theirs)

Now let's all cross our fingers and hope that they change Captain Antilles to have a tan jacket!

EDIT (Joe): I just grabbed a few boosters at Wal-Mart (caught the Midnight stockers with a fresh case). This NEW Hammerhead's skin looks an awful lot like the animated Clone Wars JEDI, Roran Corobb. I know it can NOT be him, because he is a Bounty Hunter... but it gives me a GREAT idea for my SECOND Shooter-to-Striker custom. Enjoy the pictures, and happy hunting!


He is much browner than the greenish-gray version I have from the first release.

Roran Corobb

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