Thursday, April 13, 2006

Star Wars Attacktix Series 4 - The Buzz

Series 4 of Star Wars Attacktix made their appearance at Toy Fair the beginning of this year. We also were told, in the flood of info surrounding Toy Fair, that Series 4 (and future Attacktix Series) would only have 18 figures.

We all saw the pictures, full of new faces and a new Starter Set. Let's run through the list and see if this makes sense.

The Star Wars Booster Pack
[image] [image]

This pack clearly has Star Wars figures on the front, however the blurry shot of the side is full of Transformers. No big deal, we are happy with the mock up, but lets look closer. The bottom of the box says "6 RARE 12 SUPER RARE." Perfect, that equals the 18 figures we are supposed to see in Series 4. But what's this...

Series 4 Starter Set

The Series 4 Booster pack has 4 figures. Surely these can NOT be included in the 18 figures they mention in the Press Release. Never before have the Starter figures been considered Rare or Super Rare. So these must be an additional 4 figures. Yes, these are re-issued figures, with new stats, but NEW, none-the-less. More importantly, there are 18 more figures to be found in Series 4.

The Booster Figures

The following figures are those that were on display at Toy Fair, and had no label. These are all assumed to be Series 4... but it just doesn't add up. And that COULD be a good thing! The numbering system is just to tally them up, because as best as I could tell there were NO stickers on these at the Fair, front or back.


>#1 Tarkin

#2 AT-ST Driver

#3 StormTrooper

#4 Imperial Officer


#5 Slave Leia

#6 Luke (Endor)

#7 Han (Endor)

#8 Admiral Ackbar

#9 Endor Trooper


*EDIT: Given the nature of a Bounty Hunter, these could very well be Imperial Class figures

#10 IG-88

#11 Boba Fett (Flight)


#12 Wicket

#13 Logray

#14 Generic Ewok

That is 14 total figures. The coincidence that it is exactly four short, and the Starter Set has four figures is not enough to put my mind at ease. I think there may be four more figures waiting to be seen. With four Empire figures, five Rebels, two Bounty Hunters and three Ewoks it could go anyway.

The Possibilties (or "The Nerd Wishlist")

Gamorrean Gaurd is one of the most requested figures, but due to the Star Wars class system, he would be hard to place. He could show up as a Bounty Hunter like Hammerhead, but I still think this one is, unfortunately, the biggest reach.

Another Stormtrooper, they are popular enough, and easy to make from old molds. But the AT-ST Driver and the Stormtrooper make me think this may not happen.

Lando Calrissian (it's scary how I can spell all these names without looking them up) this guy NEEDS to be in this set. If it wasn't for the fact that the Rebels already have five of the 18 figures, I would say he is golden. I figure, they had to run the figure by Billy Dee Williams for approval first, to make sure he was pimped out enough. Why else wouldn't he be on that table?

4-Lom, Zuckuss or Dengar, one of these guys may show up yet. If Series 3 didn't release only 2 Jawas, I would have said for sure they were holding back on one more Bounty Hunter.

Darth Vader is already available in the Starter Set, and that SHOULD be enough. But do you think Marvel Attacktix will have only one Spider-Man? I doubt that. I don't think we need another Original Trilogy Vader, but they could reissue the Force Blast Vader, since that guy was (and is) tough to find.

Yoda. Why not? My wife is convinced it's Force Blast Yoda time!

Obviously, it could just be some other reissued figures, but shrinking the figure pool down to 18 would usually be the reason to NOT need to do that. AT-ST Driver, Endor Trooper, and Generic Ewok are definitely three of the six Rares. I can think of maybe two more that would Rares, as well. Will there be four more figures? I say, "YES!"**

**EDIT: I stand corrected. SFX commented below, and reminded me the Press Release does indeed say TWO figures are exclusive to the Starter. So I don't know WHICH two, but that will only allow for TWO more boosters. He also brings up a good point that there are two MORE figures in the Intergalactic Showdown box, but since it is Luke and Darth, I suspect it may be dupes of the Series 4 Starter. All in all, with SFX bringing the PR information back to light, we WILL see 2 more figures in boosters. If we have already seen them is still unanswered!

Who will they be? Whenever they announce a release date we will know!


sfx5000 said...

About the starter set. You forgot to mention or factor this in (from the press release)...

"Two of the figures are exclusive to the pack and will not be available in the booster packs"

So that means that two of those starter figures will be in the boosters.

In addition, where do the Luke and Darth figures from the "Intergalac Showdown" pack (or whatever they're calling it) fit into all of this. Are they considered Series 4? Are they the same figures (#, stats, special powers) as the Luke & Darth from the Starter Set, or like the re-release of the Gunship from the gold based figure set will they have their Series 1, 2 or 3 numbers?

sfx5000 said...

We may be overlooking yet another clue (which may not be a clue at all). The box art for the Series 4 boosters shows Han Solo with his Series 2 & 3 look. For the most part the box art of the past has been pretty accurate as to what we can expect in the boosters. Are we going to see an old school Han in our new boosters?

JoeAttacktix said...

Another good point. They did make three versions of the same Luke... will they really do the same with Han? There is already a projectile Han in the set.

I do LOVE that scruffy nerf herder, but I HOPE this one is just some artistic license on the box art.

JoeAttacktix said...

The scary thing is there are TWO original mold Han Solos on the display table at Toy Fair

Anonymous said...

You should make gungans in one of the future series.