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JoeAttacktix Exclusive Interview with Joe Allard of Design Devil

JoeAttacktix managed to snag an exclusive interview with the current cover artist for Attacktix. Be sure to check it out, and also check out Joe's site!

Q: I see you have a packed portfolio on, featuring a wide variety of projects. What are some of your favorite projects?

That's a tough question...I'm really enjoying the Attacktix artwork I've been doing for Hasbro, and I'm not just saying that because this is an Attacktix website!

Honestly, I get to draw some of my favorite characters and toys that I played with as a child, and that is just super cool.

Recently I've been enjoying working on a line of Busts and Action Figures for the new Battlestar Galactica series. I'm a big fan of the show, so it's been a blast.

As far as past projects, I'd have to say all of the Star Wars products I did for Applause during the Episode 1 madness.

That was a unique experience actually. After designing about 2/3 of the product line, I was promoted to Creative Manager, and was able to also direct the sculpting, painting and manufacturing side of things.

Usually after I hand off a design, I have no control over what comes next. Fortunately on the EP 1 products, I was able to stay in control during the entire production and make sure they turned out exactly how I imagined.

Q: Did you have any favorite comics/toy heroes growing up that you were excited to get a chance to add your own style to the latest incarnation?

Yes, for sure. Star Wars is probably at the top of the list.

With all of the Star Wars products I worked on in the past, everything was photo-realistic and had to be completely character correct.

Working on the Attacktix line however, Hasbro wanted a more stylized and animated look to the Artwork, so I have a bit more freedom to infuse some of my own energy and loosen up a bit. It's been really refreshing and a lot of fun.

I've also recently finished artwork for the next series of boosters... but we have to keep those under wraps for now... stay tuned.

Q: You designed the IG Showdown packaging. Now that Attacktix has Transformers versus Star Wars versus Marvel, who would you choose for a three characters battle royale (one from each license)?

Man, another tough one! I'd have to go Boba Fett vs. Iron Man vs. Starscream, or actually, how about Vader vs. Galactus vs. Unicron! That would be insane.

The IG Showdown was so much fun to work on. When I got the call for the project, and heard it was Star Wars vs. Transformers, I was pretty excited.

Hasbro told me which characters to illustrate for the package sides, but when it came to the background insert, they were open to ideas.

I thought the composition of the Death Star facing off against Cybertron would be really cool. For the foreground I went with a Tattooine like setting meeting a Cybertron like city. I think it came off pretty well. The toys looked cool displayed in front of it...and that is the most important thing as far as toy packaging goes.

I just want to clarify; I don't actually design the packaging itself. I am providing all of the character art that is used on the packaging.

Basically I'm illustrating the front or "cover" of the package. The images that hopefully convey some fun and excitement, and make you want to buy that toy!

The guys at Hasbro have done a killer job with the actual packaging design. Working with Rob and Kevin and everyone at Hasbro has been really great.

Q: I know you have had a few products in the toy and game aisles, does the excitement of seeing your own work sitting of the shelf ever get old?

Never. I still love to walk down the isle and see my work. I still take frequent trips to Toys R Us just to see what's on the shelf.

I mostly see the end result of the toys that I designed, and I love that, but it is especially cool to see my actual artwork on the front of the Attacktix packages.

Much of my toy design work goes unseen by the public, but with the packaging artwork, it's right there on the isle for everyone to see. Killer.

Q: Do you play Attacktix?

Is that a challenge!? You're on! Actually, I have not yet had a chance to play a real game, but I'm looking forward to it! Currently I just shoot at stuff on my shelves... and my cat.

Q: What line/license would you hope they choose to add on so you can draw the cover? If it happened, who would appear on the cover?

Now that's an easy one... Yo Joe!! G.I Joe is by far the one I am waiting for most. For the cover art, I'd have to go with Duke vs. Cobra Commander or Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow. Either of those would be killer to draw.


Well, not really! This is only part one... be sure to check back for even more info from Joe about taking the package art from concept to finished product!

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