Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Attacktix Series 3 Checklist is HERE!

Finally, after nearly two months of being teased with broken links, we now have a working PDF!

1. Stormtrooper
2. TIE Pilot
3. Tusken Raider
4. Rebel Trooper
5. X-wing Pilot

6. Sandtrooper
7. Bossk (Same Mold)
8. Death Star Gunner
9. Imperial Officer
10. Jawa
11. Greedo
12. Captain Antilles
13. Tusken Sniper
14. Princess Leia (Same Mold)
15. Chewbacca

16. Hammerhead
17. Heavy Stormtrooper
18. Boba Fett (Same Mold)
19. Tusken Warlord
20. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
21. Luke Skywalker (Same Mold)
22. Han Solo (Same Mold)
23. Darth Vader
24. Jawa Warlord
25. C-3P0
26. Biggs Darklighter
27. Wedge
28. Luke as Stormtrooper
29. Han Solo as Stromtrooper
30. R2-Q5 (R2-D2 Repaint)

31. Luke Skywalker
32. Darth Vader
33. Captain Antilles
34. Imperial Officer

35. Jabba the Hutt

New Effects for Series 3

R2-Q5. When you begin any turn, you can press the button on R2-Q5. The wheel will spin and stop on green or red. If it lands on green, you can move any ONE of your TROOPERS up to twice its distance!

Han Solo & Luke as Stormtrooper. These heroes are powerful in disguise! Whenever Princess Leia is in play, you may attack with on of these figures - without using up any of your attack actions!


Anonymous said...

Oookk those figures look pretty weird. Not only that, but almost half the figures are original molds. I think Hasbro could have really expanded into the Star Wars Universe but it doesn't look like it.
Mandalorian :)

Anonymous said...

R2-Q5 is going to do wonders for the droid army.
The Grevious Bodyguards and destroyer droids with double movement will definately affect gameplay.

About them using the same mold it looks like around 6 are the same mold so around 1/5 not 1/2. However, I do agree that they could have expanded more. This series represents Episode 4 so where is the Cantina figures.

Hopefully the same molded figures will have updated moving and special powers.

This is kinda dumb I have like 4 Bossks so I could just change is power and movment myself.

Anonymous said...

Im just saying My Opinion. To me 1/5 is a large number of guys. Check out the comment I made in the Sereies 2 starter set and Jaba the Hutt thread.
Mandalorian :)

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't they have more swinging guys? I mean, 4 swingers is not very many.

There could've been more, right?

Anonymous said...

what is c3po's attack and effect???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

way too many same molds if ya ask me. also what up with c-3po? what does he do does just stand around waiting for someone to make him fall on his robo-ass

Anonymous said...

C3PO Swings with his hands, and I also agree thre should be more strikers. But if you think in the trilogy the only people with lightsabers are: Darth Vader, Luke, and Old Ben. C3PO is lucky to get in there but i guess they needed more strickers. In series 1 there were 13. In series 2 thre were 14, (including the starter sets). And in series three we go down to four. But thanks for who got this PDF image.

Anonymous said...

my luke as stormtrooper has a weird parrot on his shoulder