Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hasbro Explains Re-use of Tools and Re-molds

Reported by: Jay Jovellanos

Along with the release of the Series 3 Attacktix Checklist, was talk of re-issued figures. Why does Hasbro need to release the exact same mold, over and over, when the game is meant to be collectible, and released in limited series?

I managed to get a hold of a Hasbro Public Relations member, who was happy to discuss the reasons why they do what they do:

Tooling, the process of providing a factory with machinery (mold) in preparation for production, is required for every figure. There are two main reasons why Hasbro may have to re-use their tooling.

The first reason is the ever looming issue of cost. Tools are expensive, really expensive. Again, remember, the term "tools" refers to the cast of each figure, not the equipment in your tool box. As volumes increase and the brand gets stronger you will see less and less tools being re-used as capacities are increased. The re-used tools help defer the costs of doing new characters and designs. Remember, there are costs at every stage of design, from paper to product.

Second, there is always a demand for the core characters. Although there are many collectors out there acquiring a complete set of every series, there are always new comers to the game. Every new kid getting into the game in a later series, will still want the desirable core characters. To quote a phrase used in the television industry, "It is only a repeat if you have already seen it. If not its new to you."

In time, these characters will be made better and with new attacks, but as we concentrate on adding newer characters we will put in some core characters to be able to maximize our line. We will always try to make the figure that is re-issued identical in sculpt only. So every re-issued figure will have a new power and improved stats based on game play and feedback. Depending on the figure, a new look or paint job may be appropriate as well.

Attacktix had a great inaugural year and broke ALL expectations. This means more money, more commercials and more awareness in 2006. This also means LESS re-using of molds, and more unique characters to fill your battlefield!

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Anonymous said...

Remember this is just a PR person talking. I think they held off on Series 3 to make sure the game sold.
Lots of people got attacktix for Xmas.

So I would say from a business point of view if department stores and toy stores are buying Attacktix from Hasbro again for Series 3 then that is a great sign.