Thursday, January 19, 2006 Speculates on Marvel Attacktix

This question was covered in Question Mark #202

Q: How well is the Attacktix line doing? Rumors have had it doing really well (Series 3 and beyond), and on the brink of disaster (canceling products like a new Battle Case), obviously it can't be both. Any news on this? -Brett "webhead817"

A: It was a while ago, but the Hasbro team was quite enthusiastic and pleased with how well the Attacktix line was doing. I noticed the second series sold pretty well during the holidays; pegs went from full to empty in decent time. At this point things seem a little slow (pegs are full again, not a whole lot of movement), but that's natural for this time of year. The third series in coming up, a new Jabba the Hutt Battle Masters figure, there's talk of additional lines for both Transformers and G.I. Joe. A very good chance we'll see a line generated for the Marvel Universe given the latest news. There's really nothing out there right now that leads me to believe the line is moving anywhere other than forward. Hopefully we'll get a chance to speak with the team about the line at Toy Fair next month, but for now it seems things are looking good.

As for a 'new' Battle Case being cancelled, it's kinda inconsequential. The original Battle Case was a latecomer to most stores, but has since shown up en masse at Target. It doesn't appear to be a huge part of the game, if Hasbro is still working on selling that first edition, it doesn't make sense to rush a second case into production. We'll ask about that too though...

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