Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pre-Order Series 3 at Entertainment Earth

Pre-order Series 3, and get them as SOON as they come out. Pre-release date says "MARCH" but sent out Battle Cases early, so hopefully these follow suit.

Jabba Mega

Booster CASE

Single Booster $9.99

Other online stores list the release date in "FEBRUARY". My guess is that January is still the release date. Large suppliers will get them first (retails like Wal*Mart and Target) and smaller online stores may not get them until end of January or earlier February. So, March may be a "Promise Late, Delivery Early" strategy.

All I know for sure is that once they are in stores, you will find out here!


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that we can expect to see them in stores in March?

Anonymous said...

How much earlier than the anticipated release date did EE have the battle cases?

Anonymous said...

probaly they wiil get it in late march or early febuary