Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Top Five Attacktix Innovations of 2006

Attacktix has made some major changes to the game and what we have come to expect from Hasbro. Below is a list of the top five innovations that have impressed me the most and keep me waiting for more.

Number 5 - Variation in Speed

Transformers Series 1 changed the Speed of the game, literally. Figures now come with a variable Speed Window, that changes with each click. Though the difference is usually plus or minus one Tix, the possibility of varying speed has opened our eyes to the difference in game play that one small change can make.

Number 4 - Effects on Attacking Figures

Star Wars Series 2 first introduced the Effects, but only for non-attacking figures. Han and Luke as Stormtroopers were the first figures that could use their weapons and their Effects. Though the following Series were light on Effects, Marvel has renewed this feature in a big way. Wolverine, Daredevil, Mystique and Spider-Man all has some pretty amazing and creative Effects!

Number 3 - Non-Mega Based Flight

Series 4 Boba Fett was the first non-Mega to be able to fly. The retractable string that the Gunship had would have been bulky and costly to apply to a standard figure, but by simply leaving the string hanging we were able to experience "cheaper" flight. Though Boba's flight may not have been the edge that fans were hoping for, we have already found hope in the Green Goblin and his longer string. With an endless line-up of flying Super Heroes, I am certain by this time next year we will have quite a few figures that can use this feature.

Number 2 - New Attacks

It is a fact that every new series and new universe that hits the shelves will have some new attacks. Series Two, in 2005, gave us Kicking Kenobi, a Grievous with two Lightsabers and a Gunship that was tethered to the base. These were subtle variations of the same strikers and shooters from the original series. Series 3 introduced Uppercut attacks, with Chewie and C-3P0 and the Prodders. We also saw some major changes to the types of missiles, including a Large Net similar to the Force Blasts and Jabba's "Pellets." With the addition of Transformers and Marvel, we saw more missile variations including Pumpkin Bombs and Energy Shield Blasts. Marvel gives us the first Overhead Smashing figures, and Ravage from the Transformers Universe has a tethered Mace. Though Chief Chirpa disappointed some fans with a Tossing Attack that was difficult to master, the Hulk renews hope of defeating your enemy by hurling garbage at them. With promises of more Series of Star Wars, Marvel and Transformers this is a category that may show up each year.

Number 1 - New Universes

This was almost a no-brainer. What could ensure fans that Attacktix was here to stay more than the addition of Marvel and Transformers to the world of Attacktix. Unofficial interviews and rumors have alluded to even more lines coming out. G.I. Joe has been on everyones' lips since Star Wars Series 1, since it is a license owned by Habro. Fantasy Attacktix have shown up on this site, and Lord of the Rings was mentioned in a fan interview at the SDCC. Hopefully the New York Toy Fair will bring us news of what we will see next!

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orbhead said...

Yeah, LOTR and Chronicles of Narnia could be in Attacktix! even in the same booster set together!