Friday, February 10, 2006

Attacktix Speculation: Toy Fair 2006

Reported by: Jay Jovellanos

As noted on, Hasbro now has the Marvel license.

Hasbro and the Marvel License
Hasbro and Marvel have recently announced that Hasbro has the license to produce Marvel action figures and games beginning in 2007, but aside from that basic fact, no other details have been released. Collectors are eager to learn more, and hopefully a few more details will be announced at Toy Fair.
However, after listening to almost two and a half hours of the Hasbro Investor Meeting at Toy Fair the only news of interest to Attacktix is Marvel products may be out as early as LATE 2006 (or "the back half of 2006" as stated in the Q4 Conference Call). Doesn't necessarily mean Marvel Attacktix will be here by Christams, but I will still keep my fingers crossed!

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