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Marvel Attacktix Breakdown

Marvel Attacktix are about four months away, with a release date of "November." Attacktix release dates are never a sure thing, but one thing that never changes is the Holiday Season! I am certain that we will see Marvel Attacktix in time for Black Friday madness.

I would like to go over what little we know about Marvel Attacktix, and start to turn on the BUZZ!


Hasbro has already announced that there will be multiple Starter Sets available for the first wave of Marvel. A Ghost Rider Starter Set is planned, due to the new Ghost Rider movie currently planned for a February 2007 release date. Early release dates were Summer of 2006, so depending on when Hasbro began working with the license, they may have planned for a 2006 release to coincide with the movie. Whether or not we will see Ghost Rider Attacktix in the initial wave is unknown. The Ghost Rider set was seen at SDCC.

GHOST RIDER STARTER SET (Ghost Rider, Caretaker, Blackheart and Wallow)



Ghost Rider (Striker Chain)

Next we have two of the most popular Marvel characters, Spider-Man and Wolverine, and their foes, Green Goblin and Sabertooth. All four of these characters have also appeared on the Silver Screen over the past decade, and the wonderful sequels keep coming out!

CLASSIC FOES STARTER SET (Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin, Wolverine vs. Sabertooth)
Wolverine (Striker)


Spider-Man (Web Blast)

Green Goblin (Pumpkin Bomb Missile)

The third Starter Set we are aware of is a Walmart Exclusive. It is a Spider-Man Classics Starter Set featuring Spider-Man, Armored Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. The rumor from Hasbro was that there would be TWO exclusive figures in the Spider-Man Starter Set. Armored Spider-Man looks like he will be one of the exclusives, but the other is up in the air. It could be a repaint, or just a new power for an existing sculpt, but it looks like the Spidey Armor will be enough reason to grab this pack!

SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS STARTER SET (Spider-Man, Armored Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus)


Once again, new from SDCC tells us that there will be at least three Mega Figures in the Marvel Attacktix line. The Ghost Rider on Motorcycle Mega, that we saw at the convention, packaged with Abigor is the only one we know for sure.

Ghost Rider Mega


There are supposedly two more Spider-Man related Battle Masters, but no news as to which two. The Ghost Rider movie seems to be limited to a single Starter Set and Battle Master. It is possible these will not be released until closer to 2007, and the two Spider-Man Megas will come out in the first wave. If not, we will have an unprecedented three Megas and three Starter Sets to kick off the first wave of Marvel Attacktix. Another rumor from the SDCC was a Mega worth 100+ points! When and if we will see this Mega is unknown.


Attacktix Boosters are now based on a simple 18 figure set. Six Rares and twelve Super-Rares making it easier and cheaper to collect a complete set. Though all of the figures had ID stickers on them, we have no photographs of the numbering of any figure. I will break them down by Marvel Class. If anyone has any pictures of the backs of the figures, please let me know!

Spider-Man (Spider-Man & Allies)

This Spider-Man looks like a Striker with a high point of attack. It looks like the legs can be pulled back as the torso holds to the pole, to release a flying kick to the face!

Spider-Man (Pole Swing)

Spider-Villains (Spider-Man's Classic Villains)

Doc Ock appears to be a Striker, leading with one main tentacle. It does not look like the tentacles have any joints or articulation, but it may be possible to effect a large area with one swing.

Doctor Octopus

Venom has the Series 3 Chewbacca uppercut! S3 Chewie was one of my favorite attacks, so it will be great to have a villain with the same attack.

Venom (Uppercut)

Electro has a Force Blast type attack. We have seen Spider-Man's Force Blast has a bit of webbing sculpted into it. Later you will see Gambit has miniature playing cards embedded in his. It is unknown if Electro's attack will be clear, or some type of electric blue, but either way he will be an excellent "Blasting" villain.

Electro (Electric Blast)


Thor may have the largest striking surface ever, and that is just the way he likes it. I am uncertain if Thor uses Mjolnir with a downward smash, or a classic strike across his body, but if he is in range he will do some serious damage!

Thor (Striker Hammer)

Good Ole' Cap is breaking the mold in Attacktix, just like he did for the U.S. Military in the 40s! Cap has the first unique spring-loaded missile in the game. I am curious as to how that shield shoots, and if the launcher will remain clear, or get some color. Either way, there is a lot more than meets the eye with this figure.

Captain America (Shield Launcher)

After getting my Chief Chirpa, I was a bit dissapointed to see that my favorite character in this series was getting a throwing attack. However, after watching the Ewok Video, I have learned the Throwing Attack is very powerful indeed. The Hulk's can of Radioactive Waste is much bigger than Chirpa's Stone. I can't wait for HULK SMASH!

Hulk (Barrel Toss)

The Marvel Attacktix look great, and they limited the deformities to appeal to all collectors. Personally, I enjoy the over-sized Wookiee Paws, but I know it is a turn off for a lot of classic collectors, and so what they have done with Spider-Man is very interesting. A plastic/rubber Webbing is the striking surface, for this Striker. Spider-Man will look great on your shelf, or in battle.

Spider-Man (Striker)


Gambit has a huge fan base, so there is no shock this ragin' cajun made it into the first wave. His Charged Card Blast is a clever use of an existing mold. Tiny playing cards are embedded inside, and will probably pack more punch then if Hasbro tried to make a thin flying card. The stick should also help this figure with his balance when he is fully loaded.

Gambit (Energy Blast)

Beast (Striker)

Thank you! Hasbro did not do away with deformities entirely! I can't wait for Chewie and Beast to get involved in a serious Rock, Paper, Scissors battle! This squat figure with a large furry hand should be a very valuable one, and one that will definitely be on my X-Men squad.


The first Jabbing figure from the Marvel line looks like a good one. I am amazed with the power of Landmine and Skyblast's Jabs, so I have no doubt he will be a valuable melee figure. Wolverine will be limited to melee attacks in this initial wave, with a traditional swinging Striker available in the Starter Set, and now with a Claw Jab. I will be curious to see if any future versions of Wolverine will have any range. We know there are MANY variatons of the Logan/Wolverine so I am certain we will see something to allow this lil' guy to attack you from range. I also wonder is Beast's paw was designed lower so he could throw a friendly Wolverine into the enemy lines?

Wolverine (Claw Jab)

Brotherhood (Magneto)

I hope no one missed that sillver projectile in the bottom-right corner of the image below. It looks like a truck fender, and it also looks like it will do some serious damage. I do hope to see future versions of Magneto, because he is a wonderful villain, but this is an excellent start - and a very unique Shooter.

Magneto (Metal Blast - Truck Bumper/Grill)

Mystique looks like your standard shooter. However, that little wall behind her means she has a very special Effect in store for us. There are three figure in this set with Effects, but her could be very different. Since she can effectively become any one she wants to, the possibilties of this power and awesome! Maybe you can substitute anyone you want from your Back Ups at ANYTIME!


Pyro also looks like a standard shooter, possibly one of the Common/Rare figures. But we have not seen the style of his missile yet. It could be a standard rounded bullet, but with Magneto's Bumper and Gambit's Card Blast, I am hoping to see something a little more flammable!


Marvel Knights

The Marvel Knights Class is basically the lot of vigilantes that "protect" the Marvel streets at night. They typically don't care about enemies or his allies, nor do they join any Super-teams , so most likely this Class will work like Star Wars' Bounty Hunters. Punisher is definitely one of those characters that doesn't really sit on the good or bad side of the law. He should be a very powerful shooter, with an awesome Special Power.


Daredevil has an Effect, and I have no idea what it could be. He is a blind, super-powered lawyer, so there is no telling what that could do! It looks like he will have a Striker attack with his clubs for this wave, but I hope to see something along the lines of Battle Ravage's tethered Mace in a future series!


Elektra rounds out the Marvel Knights line nicely, with some serious Sai action. I am sure we will see some repaints of her in a black outfit in a future set, and that is A-OK with me!

Elektra (Striker)

Fantastic Four

ONE Fantastic Four team member in Series One? That does not make too much sense, but maybe we will see a few more appearing in a fourth Starter Set once FF2 comes out. Thing is definitely a Striker, but I am not sure if he is going to smash down with that big right hand, or if he will have a traditional swinging strike.

Thing (Striker Downward Smash?)

Well, that would account for 18 Booster Figures, three Starter Sets, and one of the three Battle Masters we can expect to see before the end of 2006! Christmas can not come fast enough!


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