Thursday, August 10, 2006

Marvel Release Date Rumors from SDCC

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Habro will begin shipping a Marvel version of its Attacktix miniature game in November, under its new license for 2007 and beyond. Thirty different figures will be assorted through the Starter Packs. In addition to a basic Marvel line, special products are planned to tie in with Marvel movies.

In general, Hasbro is planning on packaging more of its Attacktix products in open packaging, as opposed to blind packaging. Ghost Rider, for example, will have a Battle Master set of the character and the motorcycle, plus a Starter Set, tied to the movie release in February, and no boosters.

A Spider-Man 3 Tournament Set is planned to tie into the movie release in May, with two figures exclusive to that set plus two Battle Master figures. (This may be the Walmart exclusive with the Silver Spider Armor Spider-Man we saw at San Diego.)

Hasbro's other 2006 releases include Transformers vs. Star Wars products, Transformers wave two and the fifth wave of Star Wars Attacktix figures.

A Hasbro spokesperson said that talks were underway to have Attacktix distributed by Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast division to make it more available to the hobby channel.

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