Friday, July 28, 2006

Pop Culture Woman Reviews Transformers Attacktix

Transformers Attacktix by Hasbro
by Pop Culture Woman

Attacktix is one of those rare lines that is fueled by families and kids - not by the snotty Comic Book Guys who turn their nose up at anything that doesn't involve a twenty-sided die, cards, or a ever-evolving 25+ page instruction book. The Star Wars line of Attacktix has been extremely successful and Series 4 is just beginning to show up in stores, with a Series 5 already in the works. Hasbro has decided to try to expand the line by introducing Transformers Attacktix. They are shipping with Series 4 Star Wars boosters and they are marketed together. An Intergalactic Showdown pack, that includes six figures from both lines, has been a good seller so far.

So today I'm going to give my impressions of the Transformers line and discuss pros/cons. I'll even go into what figures are the best/worst in my opinion. I want to add that I'm not really a Transformers fan and that I'm basing my opinions on the overall game play and figure sculpts with no serious prior knowledge of the Transformers universe.

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