Monday, July 24, 2006

More SDCC Attacktix Q & A with Hasbro

by Radar.

The following are some general notes from a conversation with some of the Attacktix team at the San Diego COmic Con:

Hasbto has made Attacktix from the Star Wars, Transformers and Marvel Universes. They are also looking into fantasy based figures. Magneto vs. Gandolf, from Lord of the Rings, for instance. Or perhaps some Magic the Gathering inspired figures. These are just a possibility. Hasbro will consider using lines that are part of the current Hasbro Corp. as well as outside licenses.

Hasbro encourages the mixing of various types of figures. Tournament play does not restrict certain types of figures. You can play all Star Wars, all Transformers or mix them as you see fit. The game was meant to have many different possibilities. Mixing universes is encouraged.

As mentioned in Jay's Q & A Hasbro is currently looking into selling missile packs; how many and what types have yet to be determined.

Hasbro is currently looking into getting figures into a fast food kids meal. Who, what, when and where are still undecided. This reporter believes this kind of marketing will spread Attacktix across the county like a raging wildfire, but in a good way.

Hasbro has no future plans for sets based on locations, All-Stars or the Expanded Universe. Currently, the figures are based primarily on the movies since that's what the kids are mostly familiar with. It is important that a kid at any stage in collecting can get a Darth Vader and the other main characters. So, those main characters will be in the sets. As the Star wars series continues, it is possible that other second and third tier figures will make their way into the sets.

Hasbro is considering putting restrictions on powerful figures for tournament purposes like there are for the Megas. Jedi Knight, (10 point) Greedo, and Gold figures are the most likely candidates to have restrictions placed on them.

The Green Clone Trooper will be released in certain stores with Series 4 Starters.

Mostly, Hasbro would like to communicate, "Thank you. Thank you for being fans, thank uou for playing, and thank you or being part of this on-line community that has fun supporting a great game. Thank You."

Be sure to check out Jay's interview below, with some extra questions added!

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