Thursday, July 20, 2006

SDCC: San Diego Comic Con - Attacktix Interview

by Jay Jovellanos

Hey folks, Jay here reporting from San Diego. First off let me tell you I'm impressed. I took some pictures of Series 4 SW, Series 1 TF and Series 1 Marvel.

Before I get to the pictures I was able to interview Brian the main man behind Attacktix.

Jay: How did Star Wars Attacktix do, compared to what was projected for its first year?
Brian: It exceed expectations. Series 1 all the way to the just released Series 4. Attacktix is one of the top games for kids today. There's no other game where someone always has a chance, no matter how old you are. That's one of the keys to Attacktix's success is a 30 year old can play with his 10 year old son.

Jay: Any hints to how many more series we will see, or any new universe?
Brian: There's no limit to how many series will come out. It's such a big hit right now. As far as new universes; think older genres. (I said GI Joe and he just smiled)

Jay: Will we ever see more battle cases, or other types of storage?
Brian: No, they just weren't that big of a hit. They are looking at more Megas though.

Jay: How long does it take a series from conception to shelves?
Brian: About ten months. (Looks like a new series for us every year.)

Jay: Are there any plans for replacement projectiles and such?
Brian: Right now we're planning a weapons booster to retail around $3 - $5.

Jay: Will we be seeing reissues of older sculpt?
Brian: Yes, but there's a catch. For instance, Yoda will come out again with a different paint scheme and different powers. When we reissue an older sculpt chances are they will be repainted and have different powers.

Jay: What's the ETA on Marvel?
Brian: 4th Quarter or earlier. I'm already receiving some final sculpts from China.

Jay: Will we see movie versions of the Marvel Attacktix?
Brian: Yes.

Jay: What will the booster pack size be?
Brian: Two, and it will be peek proof. We felt stores were charging too much for 3 so getting 4 for $10 was a better deal.

Jay: What's the edition size for Marvel?
Brian: 18 plus the two Starter Sets and two Megas. He gave me a hint on the second mega; "Fireball Special."

Jay: When will WOTC take over?
Brian: They will be getting involved once Marvel is released. Attacktix will also be available at hobby shops and official tournaments will be starting, too.

Brian also wanted to announce a Tournament on Saturday at 12 noon in room 14AB. It's 100 point and bring your own Attacktix. The winner will get a set of Tourney Attacktixs 6-10.

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