Monday, May 21, 2007

Top 'Tix Topics

Every Monday, starting this week, news will feature the most popular topics on our messageboard! Check back each Monday to see what all the buzz is in the attacktix online community.

This week's top 3:

#1: TF-X - This thread was posted by webhead817 about a mysterious new Transformers line of attacktix coming soon. Webhead has been posting clues periodically, the latest being:
Four there are.Two for good.Two for evil.Two will lead.Two will follow. What the heck is he talking about? Come guess with us!

#2: Marvel Series 2 Discussion (with booklet pictures). Great discussion anticipating the latest figures, their stats, and what everyone wants for their new Marvel teams!

#3: Battlefront: Nar Shaddaa Spacedocks w/VIDEO. Amazing custom battleboard by superflytnt! Come check out the real working elevator, command post with LED lights, and the video of the Grievous tour.

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