Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top Tix Topics

I was a bit delayed because of the holiday and all the C4 news but here are the latest hot topics on our messageboard this week!

This week's top 3:

#1: Pix from Celebration IV of TF Series 3! - Some really cool stuff is on the horizon for the Transformers line of attacktix including Rumble, Bumblebee, & Shockwave. Come discuss all the latest news from C4 in our thread dedicated to the topic. You can see a full character list with pictures in this thread by Penguin.

#2: Dengar & Emperor Series 5 Effects Revealed! - The latest Star Wars series 5 effects have been revealed! Hate all the new effects? Love them? Come discuss what you think in this thread.

#3: Marvel Mega discussion featuring the new Colossus w/Wolverine Mega - This is an older thread revived with the latest picture of the new Marvel Mega. This is probably one of the best sculpts for a Mega we've seen yet!

See you next Monday, when we will resume our regularly scheduled Top Five!

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