Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tix Tool v 1.0 Release

After many months of work – Tix Tool v 1.0 is finally here! What is the Tix Tool you ask? It started as the brainchild of Steve Corder (Malform) over a year ago, as a way to have a “one stop shopping source” for information and tools concerning Attacktix. Chris Marshall (Cona Chris) hopped aboard to tag team on the Tix Tool with Steve early in 2007. Written in Microsoft Access, the Tix Tool is available in MS Access 97 and MS Access 2000 currently.

First and foremost, Tix Tool is a data repository, with a complete listing of all figures, their photos, their projectiles, and complete statistics regarding the figure. Star Wars lines up to Series 5 are included, as well as Tranformers Series 2 and Marvel Series 1. Tix Tool allows the user to keep track of figures in your collection, and figures available for trade. Several reports can be generated and printed off (including a listing of all figures with their special powers and special power ratios).

There are utilities that help the user keep track of actual trades. A custom label maker is also available (front, back, effects, and special powers!) complete with logos for all existing factions/classes as well as the ability to upload custom images! In addition, links to all the most popular Attacktix websites are provided.

Last but not least, there is an entire section built for keeping track of gameplay statistics. A printable scoresheet is available to keep track of game stats, and then the user can input the statistics after the game is over. Based on a “Match Points” formula, an MVP for each match is computed. Reports are then available showing win/loss records, and several other statistics for each figure you use.

If you do use the Tix Tool, please note that every so often you have to compact the file by going to the toolbar and clicking on “Tools”, then “Database Utilities”, then”Compact and Repair Database”.

Feel free to download (FOR FREE) the fruits of our labor.

Download Access 97 version
Download Access 2000 + version

We hope you enjoy using the Tix Tool – if you have any comments, good or bad, please post them. Thanks and enjoy!

Steve and Chris

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