Monday, October 17, 2005

Attacktix Series 2 Boosters Spotted at Walmarts and Targets

Here are the known locations of Series 2. If you've spotted them, please leave a comment below!


Fairlakes, VA starters
Kennewick, WA boosters


Azusa, CA boosters
Wisconsin starters
Santa Clarita, CA starters
Hayes, KS starters
Plano, TX starters
Algonquin, IL boosters
Crystal Lake, IL boosters
Indianapolis, IN boosters/starters
Madison, WI starters
Ashtabula, OH starters
Brownsburg, IN starters
Tampa, FL boosters/starters

ICON USA Orlando, FL boosters


Jedi mendes said...

found them in
chapel hill, NC
Raleigh, NC
Durham, NC

Anonymous said...

Found Mace starter in Wal-mart
Colorado Springs, CO

Mike said...

I found some starters at a Target here in Ohio. They were the ones with Mace, Wookiee, etc.

webhead817 said...

Mace starter found at Wal-Mart, Toledo, OH

Anonymous said...

Found them at WalMart Supercenter, OKCity, OK

Anonymous said...

Mace Windu starters at WalMart in Branson, MO

Anonymous said...

found them (starter sets only) in Cookeville, TN

Anonymous said...

found mace starter at Wal-mart in Charlotte, NC.

Anonymous said...

Found Mace starter and boosters at Target
Folsom, CA