Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Attacktix Series 2 News Released from Hasbro

New Series 2 Attackix is here ~ Exciting new battle figures with amazing new powers!

Introducing Series 2 ATTACKTIX, the awesome battle figure game!

Within Series 2, there will be two different Starter Sets. Each Starter Set contains four figures, all of which are exclusive to the set with new powers you won’t find anywhere else. The Starter Set also includes a hidden common figure from the Booster Packs.

The first Series 2 Starter Set includes:

  • Wookiee Warrior with Launcher attack and Recover ability
  • Mace Windu with Striker attack and Rally ability
  • Clone Commander with Launcher attack and Attackback ability
  • Anakin Skywalker with Striker attack and Rescue ability

The second Series 2 Starter Set includes:

  • General Grievous with Launcher attack and Rescue ability
  • Super Battle Droid with Launcher attack and Attackback ability
  • Clone Trooper with Launcher attack and Attackback ability
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi with Melee attack and Recover ability

New Series 2 Booster Packs are here as well! Series 2 features new 30 new Star Wars ATTACKTIX battle figures with new powers. Each Booster Pack includes three randomly-selected figures – one common, one rare and one super rare figure. And keep your eyes out for those ultra rare silver bases!

Download the ATTACKTIX play guide and see all 30 ATTACKTIX Wave 2 booster pack figures and rarity checklist! (9 MB .pdf file)

New ATTACKTIX Series 2 Battle Master features amazing new flying powers! Detach the Republic Gunship from its base for aerial missile attacks! Or, use it to transport your figures into battle across enemy lines!

ATTACKTIX Starter Sets, Booster Packs and Battle Masters are available where action figures are sold.

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alfromri said...

check out this deal. Walmart had series 2 @ 6.97 a box.They marked them as clearance good as soon as they came in because they did not know the difference between series 1 or 2. good luck hunting.