Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kit Fisto #27-2 Tips and Tricks

Kit Fisto #27-2
Reviewer: Stephen

ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

I like to call this guy Kit “the” Fist-o' Death. His saber is as long as Series 1 Armored Vader's, which allows him to execute perhaps the most powerful strikes of any Series 2 figures for 20 points less than S1 Armored Vader.

Kit's special power also requires no special figures to be activated. Thus, he can insinuate himself into just about any other team with no problems, making his insanely powerful strike available for all to use!

Tip for attacking with Kit Fisto:
Kit Fisto is a real monster on the battlefield. He's a quick guy, and he can strike with his saber positioned in three ways: with his arm more or less straight out at chest level, with the tip of his saber's hilt in front of his right hip, or with the tip of his saber behind his right hip. I've found that the best power comes from having it in front of his hip, which has allowed me to wipe out a group of five 40 pointers and one 30 pointer somewhat loosely formed in a 2x3 column. With his saber in the other two positions, he'll only take out 4 of those 6 because his arm expends some of the kinetic energy rotating around (if it's at chest level) or in friction against his hip (if it's behind his hip).

The Fist-o' Death's special power will give the remainder of your team a free attack on its next turn. However, it won't do you any good if you don't have additional figures to take advantage of this power. Hence, you'll want to use Kit in the front lines and dare your opponent to take him out.

Tips for attacking Kit Fisto:
Kit's only a 20 point figure for a reason: he's easy to take down. At 15 Tix, a Force blast or large missile to the head or upper chest is usually necessary to take him out. However, at 10 Tix, a well-aimed small missile can do the trick when aimed at his upper chest or head, too. A one-quarter power tap from a striker to his hip will also knock him down quite easily.

If your opponent has advanced only Kit Fisto into the fray (and is still far away from you), you might want to take a chance and knock him down early so that the third attack will be relatively wasted. However, you might be able to spread your figures out far enough so that even Fist-o' Death's saber can't take down all of them before you wipe out all of the other figures on Kit's team. Then, when you knock him down, his special power will have no one to benefit on the next turn.

Alternative Strategies
Charge Kit Fisto into battle in the front of a fast striker group. Only separate him from the support of the bases of the main group when you're ready to have him strike and perhaps sacrifice him for a valuable additional attack.

Alternatively, if you're good with shooters, you might choose to have him charge ahead of the entire group all by himself. Even if he gets knocked down before reaching your opponent, you'll get another attack that could be used to shoot up the opponent's figures and formations before s/he can regret the mistake!

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kit fisto rocks

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i love kit fisto

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kit fisto rocks i just won him on ebay he is awesome he so cool he is the best guy ever in attacktix for strikers


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kit fisto is way better than mace striker my friend keeps telling me that mace striker is better but he is not mace is still good but not better than kit yoda is still the best striker though