Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shaak Ti #20 Tips and Tricks

Shaak Ti #20
Guest Review: Phoenix

SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Ki-Adi-Mundi)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Force Blast)

Like Plo Koon, Shaak Ti is an expensive force blast figure. With a high point value and low speed, she is a risky addition to a small team. Strikers and shooters are welcome teammates to enhance her effectiveness on the playing field. Thus, I recommend only using her in >150 point games unless you have precision aiming and are an expert with force blast kills.

Being that she is only one of three female characters in the entire game of Attacktix, Shaak Ti is an important part in introducing the game to women and young girls. Her figure design is one of the brightest and unique of all the figures in my opinion and your daughter/wife/girlfriend may be more willing to play with you if you show her how cool a girl Attacktix can be on the playing field. Being a woman myself, I think Shaak Ti is my favorite character and I hardly play without her.

Tip for attacking with Shaak Ti:
Like any Force Blaster, a guaranteed kill is within eight tix for someone with poor aim. Want to improve your aim? It‘s simple - just have the top of Shaak Ti’s shooting arm at a 90 degree angle with the her base (like an upside down L) and aim directly at a strikers chest or protruding gun or body part (for example, Tarrful’s striking arm). Viola! You should be able to get a great kill at even up to twelve tix effectively. Farther away you may not have the oomph to do it but you should at least push your enemy back a bit.

If you’re playing with obstacles Shaak Ti’s force blast, when aimed upright, can usually shoot above them. However, I find it’s pretty ineffective overall but worth a try for the first few moves of using something like the Attacktix Battle Case. Every once in awhile you may hit someone!

When Shaak Ti is not attacking, keep her shooting arm down as far as it will go in what I call her “defensive position.” This will help make her very bottom heavy and a very narrow target for projectiles. This is a good strategy if your enemy is in close shooting range. With her force blast in and arm extended she is a very easy target for any shooter. Keep in mind that if you have fired with Shaak Ti, you can NOT lower her arm.

I tend to use Shaak Ti for all my beginning longer range attacks and then have her huddle in the back while my strikers attack. This works because it leaves her one of the last figures to kill. Keep in mind you may be able to bring Ki-Al-Mundi from your back-ups if her special power is activated. I never put Ki-Al-Mundi and Shaak Ti on the same team because of this, and I always allot Ki for my back-ups. The beauty of Shaak Ti’s special power is that it is still activated even if everyone on your team is dead - you do not need another figure in play to bring Ki back! It’s a superb special power and one that makes her stand out in the group of force blasters.

Tips for attacking Shaak Ti:
With a striker: If Shaak Ti’s arm is in defensive position (pointed down) the most effective way to kill her is to strike her on the right side of her body - the side with the force blast arm. With a very strong strike you can bring her down from the front or the other side but it is not the surest method. If her arm is raised without a force blaster in, then striking her directly in front or in back is the best method. If your opponent is silly enough to leave her arm extended with the force blaster in, she is a very easy target and can be brought down with any kind of weak strike to any part of her body.

With a shooter: If you’re close up, aim directly in the center of her force blast or her extended hand and she will quickly fall back. Shaak Ti is pretty difficult to knock down by a standard shooter opponent if she is in the defensive position. If her force blaster is in and her arm is down, you cannot shoot her down by aiming at her mid-back like you can most figures. My suggestion is a close-range shot to the back of her head - I’ve found this to be the most likely chance of bringing her down with a shot. Any other part of her body and she will most likely spin around and get pushed back instead of being defeated.

Alternative Strategies
Try to have Shaak Ti the last figure on your table - this way if she dies you still have a possibility of winning the game by bringing Ki-Adi-Mundi from your back-ups. Protect her by having her stay out of the main battle, keeping her behind your strikers and shooters. This is easy to do with her low movement. Because her force blast is large she can still do great damage from afar - just remember to keep your figures out of her blaster range so you don’t accidentally shoot one of your own guys.

Keep in mind the most vulnerable position Shaak-Ti can be in is with her Force Blast in and arm extended in front of her. Not only is she is easy to shoot down, but any angle of strike will send her toppling to death.

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