Sunday, March 19, 2006

Variations on the Luke and Han in Disguise

Luke and Han in Stormtrooper gear has been one of my favorite additions to Attacktix, and I play Webhead's team below almost constantly, with some variations. Luke and Han in armor, with an unarmed Chewie makes we wish he had a pair of busted electro-cuffs dangling from his attacking hand. The memories of the rescue in cell 1138 come flooding back.

C-3P0 may not have the striking power of a Jedi, or any range at all, but on an all Rebel team his Special Ability could be devastating. It only goes off about 40% of the time, but in an ALL Rebel team, that means your opponent can not make any attacks the next turn. Threepio will eat up 20 points on your starting squad, so adding the Series 3 Leia will allow the all new Uppercut Chewbacca to back up Han. This means you may sacrifice 4 attacks per turn (in the review below), but you now have the possibility of 6-8 unanswered attacks, depending on how quickly Chewie can reach the opponents.

If your opponent attempts to take out the Princess early in the game, to limit your free attacks Chewie has about a 50/50 chance of getting her back in the game. This gives both your strikers reasons to charge in early and take on all comers!

In the best cast scenario, leading with Threepio will require your opponent to shoot around him, or take him our early and risk no attacks the following turn. Threepio's speed can get him in range quickly, and his arm flail can do more damage then you think. Besides Megas, I haven't found an opponent I C-3P0 couldn't conquer when in range.

Keeping Leia in the back is a great idea, giving you three attacks every turn until Chewie or Threepio are in range. This may seem like a waste of her power, but in a battle that requires some Rebel strikers, this is a great option. Also, the powerful launching squad of Webhead COULD be knocked down to three depending on your opponent, leaving you in a situation similar to this team.

In larger battles (100+ points) the Leia/as Trooper combo, along with an R2 unit can also be deadly. Of course, if you are playing 100 point games to win, and don't mind many familiar faces, try a Series 2 Leia and four Luke in Stormtroopers. Have a Force Blast Luke, or Series 2 and 3 Lightsaber Lukes in backup.

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