Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Attacktix Battle Case Available ONLINE ONLY - Retracted

Okay, I am updating this post with new news from Hasbro, themselves (Thanks, Sean):

I just got off the phone with Hasbro Customer Service (1-800-327-8264) and asked about the Star Wars Attacktix Battle Case (item #68072). I typed out all the info so others can call and see if they get any different responses. Here's what I got...

The nice gentleman stated that they were shipping to stores (Target, Wal*Mart, etc.) and would be there soon. When asked why was advertising the case as an online exclusive he said that they more than likely received some 'early' (more than likely the same shipment that and received [and I ordered from] a month or so ago) and that the case is not an online exclusive. When asked again "So, the case will be available in stores?" he said "Yes, it's shipping now and will take a little while to get there."

I will leave my original post, so that people who read this earlier will not think they have gone crazy!

Current news on is that the Attacktix Battle Case is not going to be on shelves, period!

Now, with a shipping date of July 1st, the Battle Case looks to be available only through online retailers.

You can always pre-order it here and be sure to get one. If it ever goes up on I'll post that here as well!

Star Wars Attacktix Battle Case with Figure - $16.99

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