Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Attacktix Official Tournament Information

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(Q): Do you know if there is going to be any Attacktix tournaments anytime soon or Star Wars conventions or parties or anything anytime soon?

(A): Hasbro will have something at Comic Con, but there's been no word on individual tournaments outside the conventions. I'd give the line a chance to catch on, hopefully at one point leagues will start to form and at that time we'll see more tournament play. I'm sure Hasbro will do whatever they can to get the ball rolling though, hang in there

(Q): Lastly Attacktix. I love them!!! I have a great time battling my 8-year-old son with SW figures. I wanted to know when series II is coming out and are there any plans to continue the line. I hear a lot of collectors aren't into Attacktix and this can dampen any hope to see future figures like a Qui-Gon, an episode IV Obi, or my dream…a redeemed Anakin that can over power the Emperor!

(A): I hear ya, my kids and I have had great fun with the Attacktix line. As far as I know, no plans for a third series have been made public, but I'm sure they're in place. Series 2 will be on display at Comic Con next month, and probably in stores soon after that. Not sure where you're at, but all the Attacktix pegs in my area are short on stock, from what I see the line has sold, and is selling pretty well. If the numbers are good, I'm sure we'll see plenty more from this line, including many of the figures you mentioned.

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