Thursday, June 23, 2005

Count Dooku #11 Tips and Tricks

Count Dooku #11
Guest Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Sith)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Count Dooku is an underrated striker. He holds his saber well at two different levels, and his strike is full of power. However, his silly little flippy cape can hamper less experienced strikers, and his light base can make him an easy target for attacks.

Dooku plays rather nicely with other Sith, though his special power isn't very likely to help out. He may make a nice second-line striker who's protected by beefier figures in front of him.

Tips for attacking with Count Dooku:
Count Dooku is a surprisingly powerful striker. He is often able to hold his lightsaber either at chest or hip level, which allows you to have two angles of attack on figures. However, when he attacks from the hip, his saber can often brush over his leg, which saps a lot of the power from his strike. Thus, it's often better to have him attack with his saber raised to the middle of his chest.

You'll also find his cape to be an annoyance. I always keep it flipped up, as he's rather difficult to use properly otherwise. However, the up-flipped cape presents only a small, slim target to your opponent, so don't worry about it.

Count Dooku's special power allows him to pop up if he's knocked down, but it's not likely to come up. Thus, don't use him as a front-line striker with whom you tempt fate. Rather, he's a good reservist whose special power can really demoralize an opponent if it becomes active.

Tips for attacking Count Dooku:
Even from 10 Tix away, Count Dooku can be knocked down with a well-placed small or large missile to his chest or back. However, at 15 Tix, a Force blast to the chest or back is usually necessary to bring him down, as missiles tend to bounce off him from that range. Strikers will have an easier time bringing Dooku down. A one-quarter power hit to Dooku's front, back, or sides should tap him down easily.

If you can take out the Sith that are on Count Dooku's team, he won't be able to pop back up again when you knock him down. However, his power isn't even that likely to come up. Hence, if you play the odds, you'll likely be able to knock him down without him coming back for more.

Alternative Strategies
Count Dooku should be kept behind figures with larger bases to permit them to absorb shots (perhaps including Emperor Palpatine, who needs a Sith to Recover). However, his saber can be used to support the backs of front-line figures, giving them additional stability. He could be a valuable part of a mixed shooter-striker team who moves in to make multiple kills when the shooters get into close range, point blank shooting furies.

However, he could also be a valuable part of a Sith striker team. Being with other Sith will keep him alive if his special power comes up, and his speed will let him press a fast attack with other strikers.

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