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Obi-Wan Kenobi #31 Tips and Tricks

Obi-Wan Kenobi #31
Guest Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Sacrifice (Trooper)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Starter Kenobi is a pretty good striker figure to get involved in the forefront of a striker team. He's got good striking power behind his saber, and his special power allows you to replace a relatively weak trooper with him. However, his front and back present easy targets that can be exploited during an advance.

You may want to advance Starter Kenobi with his slim profile facing the enemy, but you can also protect his vulnerable areas by having him interleave his blade with those of other striker figures.

Tip for attacking with Starter Kenobi:
Starter Kenobi's waist swivels pretty easily, which allows you to get a lot of power out of his strike. His arm is extended fully out from his body, so he can reach quite a ways. However, his saber is angled upward in its most natural position, so keep in mind that even if you swivel it down when you strike, it'll want to rise up again. His striking hand seems to be resistant to breakage thus far, though.

His strike is powerful enough to take out several opposing figures at once, even if some of them are high-point figures that are grouped. You'll need to use a well-placed strike involving both the tip and the hilt of the lightsaber to accomplish this, though.

Because Starter Kenobi's special power is likely to be activated but requires the presence of a trooper, you may want to have a few troopers around, some of which aren't likely to see action soon. If you use Starter Kenobi as a front-line figure, and he gets knocked down, he can rise again when he replaces one of the rear-guard troopers you've kept behind.

Tips for attacking Starter Kenobi:
A shot to Starter Kenobi's front or back midsection will likely take him out; however, the range at which you'll be able to take him depends on the size of your missile. If you're using a shooter with a small missile, you'll likely need to be around 5 Tix away before having a good chance of knocking him down. However, if you're using a large missile or Force blast, you'll be able to knock him down from even 12 Tix away when you his his front or back. If you're aiming for his side, though, don't bother shooting at him. Starter Kenobi has a very narrow side profile, and even if you hit him, the shot is likely to deflect off his side. Try to reposition your shooter so that you get a bead on his wider front or back.

Starter Kenobi is vulnerable to striker attacks. If you can strike him at his waist underneath his right arm, he'll need little more than a tap to make him go down. However, if you hit him elsewhere, you'll want to use a half-power strike at least to ensure he falls.

Keep in mind that Kenobi can come back if your opponent still has troopers in play. In fact, he'll be able to come back right where the trooper stands. If there's a pack of powerful figures that has only one trooper around them, pick off that trooper so that he has to come back within a weaker pack of figures.

Alternative Strategies
If you're going to lead Kenobi into battle, you might want to make sure he's facing sideways from your opponent's perspective, with his lightsaber pointing back toward your starting line. This will present the smallest target to your enemy while he encroaches on them.

However, if he's part of a striker team, you might take the chance of exposing his wider front or back to interleave his saber with those of other members of a striker team. This tactic, when combined with placing larger figures in front of smaller figures, with the bases of the larger and smaller figures touching, will add surprising stability to a striker team's advance on a pack of shooters or strikers.

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