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Mace Windu #19 Tips and Tricks

Mace Windu #19
Guest Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Jedi)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Mace Windu is to the Jedi what Darth Vader is to the Sith: nearly an Attacktix god. Besides having an insanely powerful lightsaber, he's surprisingly resistant to attacks. Plus, he can raise himself from the dead if he's in the company of other Jedi.

Like Starter Kenobi, his slim profile can be an asset in advancing on your opponent. However, his tremendously large base helps keep him safe from oncoming shots.

Tip for attacking with Mace Windu:
Mace Windu has no robes to get in the way of fingers around the base, and his non-striking hand is raised out of the way close to his body, so his striking action is easy to perform. And oh my, will you ever want his striking action! When you become a proficient striker, you should be able to take out at least three figures at once if they're bunched up along the length of the lightsaber, irrespective of their base size. Yes, he's that good. Furthermore, his striking hand seems to be robust to breakage.

He's so good, he can take out an AT-RT all by himself! Here's how. Line him up in front of the AT-RT like so:

His saber hand should be in front of the hole in the target on the AT-RT's right leg, and his saber's tip should overlap the end of the target on the left leg of the AT-RT. Furthermore, his saber should be parallel with the top edges of the targets and about 1 cm away from them. Next, turn Mace's base as far around as you can, holding the tip of his saber and keeping the saber parallel to the targets. Now, let it fly. For me, more than 9 times out of 10, the AT-RT will either fall down or fly off the playing field. I like to call this Mace-ing! (tm)

Though Mace Windu's special power is less likely to be activated than Darth Vader's, he'll still recover if his fellow Jedi on your side haven't been slaughtered. With Mace Windu on the front line of a Jedi striker team, it's hard to go wrong. Because the strikers are so fast, they can close the distance on shooter teams before they have much of a chance to take you out. And even if they do land shots on you, Mace's tremendous base will likely help to deflect those shots off his powerful chest.

Tips for attacking Mace Windu:
The short story here is that you don't want to plan on attacking Mace Windu just once unless you've got a Force blaster. Even from 5 Tix away, a small missile right to his exposed front side has perhaps a 25% chance of knocking him down. From 10 Tix away, a large missile to his front can bring him down, but if it's aimed at his back or side, he likely won't fall. However, even at 12 Tix, a Force blast can knock him down from the front, rear, or side.

Mace Windu can be knocked down by strikers, especially when the blows are directed toward his front side. He'll fall with a one-third power strike there. If you hit his back or non-saber arm, you'll need a half-power strike to bring him down. If your only choice is to hit his saber-wielding hand, though, you'll need a full-power hit to have even the slightest chance of knocking him over.

Though his power allows him to stand right back up if he's got fellow Jedi still standing, it doesn't have the highest probability of being activated. So while it may be a good idea to pick off a bunch of the Jedi surrounding Mace, you might not need to do so. If you're brave and can isolate Mace from his compatriots, he becomes easier to topple, especially if you can get a couple of shots or strikes at him.

Alternative Strategies
Mace Windu is an excellent front-line leader of a team of figures. His solid base and construction let him absorb shots with ease that would fell a lesser teammate. As long as he's got some support from the bases of figures behind him, he should be a nearly unstoppable part of a striking team, particularly if he's turned so that he's facing your opponent's figures with his narrow profile.

Of course, you could also use him as a blocker in front of a team of weaker shooters. Mace will be able to block with his body shots from other shooters, but he leaves enough space around his saber to let any shooter attack over him, and he has enough space over his left shoulder to permit a taller shooter to launch over it.

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