Monday, May 16, 2005

Attacktix Battle Case Exclusive Review and Rules

Thanks to Sean on the Attacktix Forum for the information (an shelling out the big bucks to get a Battle Case before they hit the major retailers.) All pictues and copy compliments of SFX500!

As promised the Battle Case comes with an exclusive CLONE SERGEANT figure.

SPECIAL POWER: Rally (Trooper x2)
ATTACK TYPE: Launcher (Small Missile)

The Sergeant is a re-paint of the Clone Lieutenant. Now, the first thing that struck my attention was a Speed of 10! That's right folks this guy has a movement of 10! The highest speed out of any launcher. At first, I thought this was a mistake (perhaps the sets were recalled and that is why they are delayed) but then I got to thinking... This movement is a clever idea on Hasbro's behalf.

All of those players who were going to pass on the case are now going to reconsider. Who wouldn't want a 10 Tix launcher (or a squad of them) on their team? I haven't seen him in a full-out battle yet, so I can't say, but he may be brokenly undercosted. His special power is "Rally: Return up to two defeated Clone Troopers to play". All in all, a very cool figure.

The Launcher
This is a cool little gun. It has two missiles that fire separately with two buttons, on each side of the launcher. It does not "attach" to the case and moves freely. The gun's base, which you snap on to the launcher to complete the gun, has several notches that allow the gun to be positioned three ways... down, stright, and up. Like usual, Hasbro hasn't gone into any details as to the rules behind the gun. It's more "make it up as you go".

The Flag
The flag is cool, as well. It has a little peg that fits into the base and a small ring at the bottom that clips onto you figure. Not much to say about that really.

CAPTURE THE FLAG GAME RULES (Click here for Instruction Sheet)

OBJECT OF THE GAME:Capture the flag and win the game!

SETTING UP:Insert flag into one of the holes in the case. Place launcher in game area.

PLAY:Use standard ATTACKTIX game rules. For this game variation, the goal is to capture the flag and return it to your starting point. Battle figures can move to a different level only at the stairs. To move up or down one level: One Tix.

CAPTURE:You capture the flag when one of your battle figures comes into contact with the flag. Remove the flag from the case and attach it to your figure. (Flag clamp fits most ATTACKTIX battle figures.) If a battle figure is knocked down while carrying the flag, return the flag to its original place in the base. It must now be captured again.

Well, those are the exact rules that came with it. More than likely this is similar to the way a lot of you were playing CTF already.

The Battle Case
First off, it doesn't have the cool silver painted panels... just flat molded black. This was a little disapointing. The case has a 'drawer' that slides out. On the inside are little grooves or tabs (not shelves) that hold the back of the tix base. You can fit anywhere from 12 -15 or so figures in there. It, of course, came with two black pillars. Which, by themselves, are pretty useless. But, if you get another case (nicely played Hasbro) you will have four and can begin your mad stacking.Over all the battle case is pretty cool. I'd have to say the highlight so far is the 10 speed on the Clone... just a little killer.

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