Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yoda #30 Tips and Tricks

Yoda #30


SPECIAL POWER: Vengeance (Opponent)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Yoda is a quality addition to any team. His Special Power is unique in that it eliminates the person who eliminated him, appropriately named "Vengeance". Yoda will get this ability more than three out of four times! A movement of twelve will get him in range to strike quickly, and he is tough to take down from a distance. Yoda can be relied upon to eliminate at least two of your opponents every game. Move him into the fray quickly, and strike an opponent, and if he should die on his next turn, another enemy SHOULD fall!

Tip for attacking with Yoda:
Yoda is a Striker, so he will need to be up close to knock over his opponent. Fragile, small based opponents can be taken out with ease. Figures with larger base, and higher defenses like Vader, you will need to find the proper spot to take them down. Also, the trick to using Yoda's Lightsaber to wield the most power is to pull back as far as possible, and release with the saber as close (if not touching) the figure.

I have experimented with the above technique a few times. A Striking attack released an inch or two away from Vader will barely rattle the figure. But holding the pulled back saber directly next to Vader will either knock him over, or push him about fifteen Tix away. If you are playing on a table, you can try to angle your attack so you push your opponent off the table. (As a note, Yoda attacks Vader best with this technique from the back, and from Vader's right side).

When pulling back Yoda's Lightsaber, it looks very cool to keep his right hand on the handle. However, if you let his right hand fall to his side, you can get more power from the swing. Trying to keep both hands on the saber may cause his backswing to rise, or even worse, throw it off target on the release. He may look a little goofy, with a blazing Lightsaber touching his side, but your attacks will be stronger.

Tips for attacking Yoda:
Yoda is tough to bring down from five or more Tix away. Shooters will have the best luck if they aim for Yoda's "Strike Zone" from the front, and upper back when attacking from the rear. Baseball fans will know that hitting a small figure like Yoda below the neck and above the waist will be tough.

FACT: St. Louis Browns owner Bill Veeck shocked the baseball
world when he signed midget Eddie Gaedel and sent him to the plate in the first
inning of the nightcap of a doubleheader against Detroit. Gaedel, wearing
uniform No. 1/8, walked on four pitches, trotted to first and left for a pinch

Being small has its advantages. And this is true for Yoda. Strikers must take his size into account and make sure they adjust their arm level to knock him over. Rookie Strikers fighting Yoda could easily swing over his head, or just clip him, but not knocking him over.

Once you get a Shooter close to Yoda, no longer aim for his chest. Most Shooters will have a higher point of attack, and from this close it will only push Yoda down and back. Since he can't go through the table, the force will be wasted. Aim for his neck and up, touch his face is you have to, you won't miss. This same rule applies to close range from the back, as well.

Alternative Strategies
Keep in mind, three out of four times Yoda will eliminate the player that kills him. Avoid using your best figure to kill Yoda first, unless you feel lucky. Bring a group of troops that can move in close, getting picked off along the way.

Thinking along the same lines, take a chance, and have Yoda lead your team into battle. An aggressive opponent will also lead with their best figures. If you can't eliminate their figures with a decisive blow from Yoda, maybe he will take him out on the way down.


BeeVomit said...

I just got my Yoda today; thanks for posting this so that I can actually use him well in battle!

BeeVomit said...

Apparently, I used Yoda a bit too well in battle. Within one day, his lightsaber-wielding hand and the tip of his lightsaber broke off. Thank goodness my neighbor has super glue.

Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial - I'm astounded to see that Yoda can be used so well. My first try with this dude left me in the dump - I was about to trade him off for GRIEVIOUS but I had called tradebacks - and as soon as I read this, I traded back. Another 2 battles, and I found out just how powerful Yoda can be. Thanks for your sharing of knowledge. Oh and, by the way, can you write one with Dooku?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this. I just got a great deal on a Yoda fig on eBay (I was outbid and the person who outbidded me payed 16 bucks and I found a Buy It Now deal for 14 including S@H). I read this ahead of time because your sidebar changes and eliminates some links after clicking on another. How can Yoda be so hard to kill if his base is averaged sized, but his whole body is towards the back on his base? Oh well, Yoda's awesome with a killer effect.

Anonymous said...

yoda is the best he's hard to knock down his power rocks and his lightsaber is better than average like i said yoda ia the best the B-E-S-T THE BEST

Anonymous said...

yoda is the best he's hard to knock down his power rocks and it's white most of the time and his lightsaber is better than average like i said yoda is the best the B-E-S-T THE BEST