Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Attacktix Team Building - Using Special Powers

Attacktix is a great game, because you can pick up just about any three or four figures and have a 100 point team that can rival any other 100 point team. If you are playing against some serious competition, or just want to up your game, you need to analyze the Special Powers.

Deciding if you want a team that is hard to kill, and stay dead, versus a team that gets lots of free attacks when an ally dies, is your first choice. Or you can take a more balanced team, somewhere in between.

Some of my favorite team combos are as follows. These are just my favorites, the list is far from final, and in no way the best. But it will give you some examples on what to look for, and how to make sure your team works together. You may not have all the figures to build the strongest team EVER, but you can surely find the best group of cooperative players.

Build your team around one or two main figures, and use supporting figures with Special Abilities to back them up. #16 Darth Vader and Tarfful can both benefit from a team of Wookiee Scout support. Darth needs Troopers to Recover and Tarfful needs Wookiees, the same figure will support both main characters.

Dark Side Team (150 points)
#16 Darth Vader, #28 General Grievous, #17 Palpatine, #2 Super Battle Droid (X3):

Besides including some of the most evil characters in the Star Wars Universe, this is a tough cooperative team. The Super Battle Droids serve two purposes. One, the more Troopers in play, the more support available for Darth to use his Recover ability. Two, these Troopers are all Droid Army Class, giving a free attack to any other Droid Army figure when their Special Power is activated. There are a total of four Droid Army members on the team, including Grievous. If Grievous falls first, he allows up to TWO Attackbacks for the Droid Army.

Darth Vader is a major pain to take down, meaning you will have a stubborn Sith in play to keep your Palpatine figure alive. Also, should Vader fall, you have the three Troopers to bring him back. And that's a Recover, NOT a Sacrifice, so no figures are lost. This is a team that is hard to take down, and when they fall, they may bring the fire!

Jedi Team (150 points)
#30 Yoda, #20 Shaak Ti, #31 Obi-Wan, #23 Agen Kolar, #19 Mace Windu, (#18 Ki-Adi-Mundi in Backups):

The perfect team to counter the Dark Side. Yoda is a stubborn Jedi to kill, keeping the Recover power of Mace Windu in play. And of course, Yoda also has the chance of removing his attacker AND preventing the attacker from using his Special Power in return. Shaak Ti, with her high Defense, will be tough to defeat, and if she goes down, could bring a new Jedi (Ki-Adi-Mundi) into play. Obi-Wan is a quick, strong Striker, but without any Troopers to make his Special Power worth while.

If Ki-Adi-Mundi does come into the game, his defeat could also cycle in a defeated Jedi. Agen Kolar also can bring back a Warrior, like Mace, Ki-Adi, or Shaak Ti. With the Attacktix Gods on your side, the cycle is endless. Two figures with Rally could make this team a tough one to keep down.

Wookiee Team (100 points)
#29 Tarfful, #22 Chewbacca, #9 Wookiee Commando, #3 Wookiee Scout:

As covered at the end of Wookiee Week, the Wookiees has some well balanced figures, that work well together. This is a speed based team, that needs to strike quick. Tarfful has the chance to Recover as long as any other ally is alive. Chewie's death could trigger an attack from up to two of his Wookiee allies. The Wookiee Commando can Rally a defeated Wookiee back into play, so as long as he is not the first to fall, this could make your opponent very unhappy. The Scout works closely with Chewbacca, but still helps to support all his allies Special Powers.

Getting to go first with this team can be a huge advantage, and having your Special Power work 50% of the time will make it even better!

What's Yours?

This is only three of the endless combinations made possible in Attacktix. Teams full of low point supporting figures may not look like much, but if they all work together, they can be just as difficult to bring down as one tough figure! If you have a favorite team, or just some players that work well together, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! I am playing this game with my young kids (4 and 7) and using it to teach them strategy and planning. My oldest is already taking advantage of special abilities to kick my butt when we play!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when series II is commming out. I have managed to collect the entire the booster set (all crome), and am looking forward to the next series.

Anonymous said...

I woul go with Jabba the Hut and Boba Fett.