Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Stalking Jeff Grubb - Attacktix Developer

This is an old post on Grubb Street, Jeff Grubb's Blog, that I thought was interesting. Only the first few paragraphs are included here, because you really should check out his site. If you are interested in fantasy, RPG, or strategy games, you have probably played one of Mr. Grubb's creations.

My Life in Plastic - February 8, 2005

Of course that it figures that while I was out of action nursing this cold, Hasbro would announce the action figure game I’ve been working on for the past few months. Its called Attacktix, and the initial information can be found here.

This becomes the third miniatures game that I’ve been deeply involved in the past few years. First was a good run on Heroclix from Wizkids, and my work there included Unleashed, Ultimates, and the biggie Galactus figure. That was followed by the successful Star Wars Miniatures Game from Wizards of the Coast. And now Attacktix from Hasbro.

Attacktix is a different type of figures and a different game than the previous two. While both Heroclix and Star Wars Miniatures were primarily miniatures games, aimed at a hobby market, Attacktix comes out of the toy side of the business and comes with a different set of sensibilities. As an example, one of the hobby’s sacred cows is that physical skill should not be a factor. Attacktix, on the other hand is very much about the physical, the tactile, and the kinetic. It is all about playing with the toy...

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