Monday, May 23, 2005

Agen Kolar #23 Tips and Tricks

Agen Kolar #23
Guest Reviewer: Stephen

SPECIAL POWER: Rally (Warrior)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Lightsaber)

Agen Kolar is a difficult striker to use because his lightsaber arm crosses over his body. This, combined with the fact that one of his saber hands is not attached to his saber, makes his swing less powerful than that of most other strikers.

However, he still makes a useful addition to a striker team that's geared toward taking down a number of different types of figures. Agen Kolar may do best at striking figures with smaller bases or on the periphery of a group. If nothing else, his power to Rally a warrior back from the grave may make him a fair candidate for Jedi cannon fodder.

Tip for attacking with Agen Kolar:
As noted above, Agen Kolar isn't a great saber powerhouse. Hence, using him to take down an AT-RT isn't a wise move. However, the amount of torque he gets up as you swing him around is considerable. He can take down any non-Mega figure in an Attacktix collection with proper positioning, though his flowing robes at his base may cause some problems for novice strikers. Unless you're really good with Agen Kolar, it may be best to use him to attack lower point value figures, using other members of your team to knock down the higher-point figures.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take much more than a tap from an opponent's lightsaber (or a well-aimed small missile) to take Agen Kolar down. To make the most effective use of him, you should either put him behind figures with heavier bases (so that they can use him to help absorb more Forceful shots) or in front of figures with heavier bases (so that they can lend their strength to him to keep him upright). Putting him behind heavier Warrior figures may be a better strategy, because if they fall in battle and leave Agen Kolar exposed, his special power can bring one of those initially defeated Warriors back into play.

Tips for attacking Agen Kolar:
From more than 5 Tix away, it will be difficult to get Agen Kolar down with a small missile. However, he will fall to a well-aimed large missile or Force blast launched from even 10 Tix away. At 12 Tix or beyond, however, he may not fall to even a large projectile, so he might be able to close the distance on one of your figures before you can knock him down. Nevertheless, his small base makes him a good candidate for a shot to the midsection (the robes around his base make low shots more problematic)

If you can get a striker anywhere close to his midsection – even with just the tip of a saber – you should be able to knock him over fairly easily. About the only place he won't go down with just a tap is the sort of triangular bump right below his belt in the folds of his robes.

Keep in mind that his special power has less than a 50% chance of being active. Don't be afraid to knock him down, especially if you haven't knocked out any of your opponent's Warriors. If he gets knocked out before any other Warriors go down, his special power will be moot.

Alternative Strategies
Agen Kolar should be included in a squad with lots of Warriors, preferably those that will see front-line action before he will. Keep his base touching one figure immediately in front of him, and have his lightsaber resting behind the back of another figure in front of him. This will support the two front-line figures somewhat.

Even better, pair Agen Kolar with another saber-bearing figure. Have Kolar and the other saber figure's bases touching two figures in front, and have their lightsabers resting on the backs of the other figure in front, sort of like this (AK is Agen Kolar, and the Xs are other figures):


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