Sunday, May 01, 2005

Attacktix Target Practice Mini-Game

Four years of Fine Arts has taught me alot, but nothing has been more useful than an X-Acto knife and a jar of Rubber Cement. I present the Attacktix Target Practice Mini-Game.

It is rather simple to make, if you are skilled with razors and foam core than you can probably build your own in about twenty minutes. Or, if you don't care about the look of it, you can probably just print out the template, glue it onto an empty cereal box, and begin playing!

If you decide to build it the elaborate way, you will need:
1 Piece of foam core (standard size is 20 inches x 36 inches)
1 Sharp X-Acto-type razor
1 Pencil
1 Cutting Board (or similar surface)
1 Metal ruler
1 Jar of Rubber Cement (and glue will do)
1 Printer (to print out the template)
1 Normal Template or Advance Template (VERY Difficult)

Take the foam core and lay it "portrait" orientation in front of you (length of 20 inches should be on the bottom). Place a sheet of printer paper "landscape" orientation on the foam core, so that it is flush on the bottom-left corner. Using the pencil, mark the upper edge of the paper on the foam core. Slide the paper to the bottom-right corner and finish the line.

Your foam core should now have a penciled section of 20 inches by 8.5 inches. Put the foam core on your cutting board and take your metal ruler and knife and cut that segment out. If you are new to the X-Acto, please remember to cut AWAY from your fingers. If you did not cut all the way through, drag the knife through a second time, or flip the board over and cut from the other side.

Take your ruler and measure off 4 inches from the right and 4 inches from the left. Now measure off 4.5 inches from the right and 4.5 inches from the left. You should now be looking a your foam core with two .5 inch penciled columns, on both sides, 4 inches from each edge.

Again, place the foam core on the cutting board and score the lines. Scoring is the process of cutting the upper layer of paper on the foam core, but NOT making a complete cut. (The term "score" used in most sporting activities comes from this definition, because points would be notched, or "scored" into wood.) After you have scored ALL four lines, fold the foam core on each scored line.

Fold the foam so that it is folded on itself, and your .5 inch section is sticking out. Now take your razor and slice down, like you are cutting off a very tall, very narrow slice of butter. Repeat this for the other side so that you now have a foam core that can be folded down to 8.5 inches by 11 inches. This makes it easier for storage, and also helps it to stand.

Now, lay the two folded sides underneath the top section so we can begin to apply the glue. You can leave it unfolded, but you may get glue on the side flaps. I use Rubber Cement, and I like to apply the glue to both the front of the foam core, and the back of my paper, then let them both dry. Once they are dry, but tacky (like three minutes) then I carefully but the paper on. If I were to mess up and lay the paper on wrong, this method will let me peel it off and reapply. You can get the same effect with white glue or one layer of Rubber Cement, I just find this method easier.

Ok, now you have you have glued the template onto the foam core, now you need to cut out the circles and your Target Board will be complete. I like to use the knife and perforate, or stab, little holes all the way around the circle, while the foam is laying flat on the ground. Then, I raise the foam slightly, and make my cuts through the other side of the foam core, following my path. If you have any messy or rough edges use a nail file and sand them down.

Now stand up your Target Board and place a book, or some other heavy object that won't obstruct the holes. Now you can begin your Target Practice!


Target Creep - Any Number of Players

If you have ever watched "American Gladiators" you will see from where the inspiration for this game came. Ever player selects one shooter. Place the Target Board at the far end of the table. All players place their figures about three feet from the board. Using the Normal Template, I have assigned the large red target in the middle ONE point. The four medium red targets at the four corners are worth TWO points. The three small blue targets are woth THREE.

Each player starts by aiming for any of the holes and firing. If they successfully go through a target they are awarded that many points. After all players have fired from the starting line, they move FIVE Tix forward and fire again. Three feet will usually give you about six rounds of shooting.

Players can aim for, and score with, the same Target everytime if they wish. The player with the most points after six rounds (or whatever you determine) WINS!

Around the World - Any Number of Players

All players pick their favorite shoooter and line up the same distance from the board. Determine an order for all the Targets (large, medium, small) and the first player to score in all EIGHT Targets, in the proper order wins. I suggest aiming for the Large Target first, then once it is hit you move forward FIVE Tix. Now aim for the Medium Targets. After you have hit all four Medium Targets, move foward FIVE more Tix. Whoever gets here first, and hits all three Small Targets, WINS!


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I cant get the links for the PDF to work. Keep getting server not found. Can anyone help

JoeAttacktix said...

I use to store all my pictures. Sometimes it can be slow, and if you are on a slow connection it will time out. If you do not get them to work, email me ( and I will send you the image in an attachment.

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Im a new user and i dont know what a tix is. I know it is a kind of measurement, but how big is it?

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a tix is one movmentwhen the b/w window rotates ps great target practice thanks