Monday, August 22, 2005

Attacktix Republic Gunships Hit Targets Nationwide

If you are looking for a gunship, head to your local Target. While no Series 2 Boosters or Starters have been spotted, the sole Series 2 Battle Masters are popping up on Target shelves in:
Clearwater, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Grand Rapids, Michigan thanks ignatosr
Target Greatland Store(s) Minnesota (won't be on shelves for a few weeks) thanks spartan117
Dallas, Texas thanks erp3
Danbury, Connecticut thanks JediX
Birmingham, Alabama thanks nubjubjr
Mesa, Arizona thanks Rebelscum forum member MagusVader
Algonquin, Illinois thanks grobo
Here is a sneak peek at the insert:
[image] [image]

Click here to see the gunship instructions

And check out the forum to learn more about Series 2 Droids and tons of Gunship Pics!

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Attacktix Kid said...

I own a Republic Gunship. As the links on your sidebar change when you click on one, I could not find the one talking about the Republic Gunship so I'll post here. The Republic Gunship has a rathar week second-power missle (the missle besides basic missle). But it's exremely good as what your pictures show, it can go about a foot away from its base. Heres why that comes in handy. It is equipted with a claw that can pick up figures a foot behind it, and put them a foot in front of it. Yes, this is legal it says in the rules you get when you buy it.