Friday, August 05, 2005

Super Battle Droid #2 Tips and Tricks

Super Battle Droid #2
Guest Reviewer: Jason

SPECIAL POWER: Attackback (Droid Army)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Small Missile)

The only thing the Super Battle Droid has in common with the regular Battle Droid is his name. In all other ways, he is vastly superior. First of all, he has a much larger base, allowing for better defense. In fact, only Mace Windu and a handful of 40 point figures have a larger base than the SBD. In addition to that, his head is part of his chest, making him a hard target to hit. In short, he is the best 20 point launcher in Series 1, in this reviewer's opinion.

Tips for attacking with Super Battle Droid:
The SBD is a tough little guy to bring down. Since his head is a part of his chest, he is shorter than a normal figure. He is also very smooth, allowing a lot of shots to glance off of his body.

Another key for the SBD is that his gun is on his left hand. This gives him some unique opportunities to shoot around other figures. You can place him next to a right-handed launcher, and then let them both hide behind a stronger figure, still allowing them both to shoot.

Because of these defensive abilities, the SBD is a good choice for a front line shooter. But since he has a small projectile, he will require some accurate shooting.

When firing with the SBD, be sure to stabilize his base with your non-shooting hand and aim for any extended body parts.

Tips for attacking Super Battle Droid:
Because of his previously mentioned strengths, the SBD can be a challenging opponent. Be sure not to aim too high, as shots can easily go over his head or just ricochet off of it.

His chest is the best target, and from close range it is a guaranteed take down.

From long range, a small projectile is able to bring him down, but it has to be a direct hit. His gun is a good target as well, and a direct hit there will nearly always finish him off.

Alternative Strategies
The SBD is also good for defense. His large base can backup your figures, and his gun can rest against their backs, providing a great defensive boost.

Make sure he is teamed up with other Droid Army figures. Even though his special power is rare, it still has a legitimate possibility of happening. This means a free move and attack for any of your other Droid Army figures, including General Grievous. And any free attacks for Grievous are deadly to your opponent.


darthgrim said...

I find the nemodian guards to actually be one of the best troopers in the game instead of the SBD. He is a bit top heavy in my opinion. Whereas the NG are shorter and can use their guns as tripods. They also have a very larger base and can provide protection to other figures when used as a pir in front of another fig. This also allows the other fig to shoot. Lastly if you have nute you often get a free shot.

Anonymous said...

So far SBD is not only my favorite trooper, but he is my favorite Attacktix. I LOVE this guy he is the Best.

Anonymous said...

This guy has a ricishai problem grevios shot direct hit and it richishayed of he was till standing too!