Thursday, August 18, 2005

General Grievous #28 Tips and Tricks

General Grievous #28
Guest Reviewer: Jason

SPECIAL POWER: Attackback (2 X Droid Army)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Heavy Missile)

General Grievous is easily the most powerful shooter in Series 1, and this reviewer could argue he is the best figure overall. There are several good s\Strikers, but the gap between the #1 and #2 Shooter is enormous. In addition to his large projectile, he also rings up his special power 50% of the time. While losing Grievous is tough to swallow, two extra attacks for your Droid Army helps ease the pain.

Tips for attacking with General Grievous:
If he has a clear shot, General Grievous can take out almost anyone from almost any distance. You should practice with him so that you can fire accurately. On smaller figures, even a glancing blow will bring them down.

Because he is so good, he starts every game with a big target painted on his chest. Be sure to protect him with other figures - Grievous Bodyguards are ideal. Place one or two of them (side by side) in front of Grievous and he can still fire over their electrostaffs.

When firing with General Grievous, have him face to his left. This will give him a smaller profile and make him more difficult to hit.

General Grievous should take out at least one figure every time he attacks. He is that good.

Make sure you team him up with other Droid Army figures, as there is a 50% chance he will give two of them a free move and attack.

Beware Plo Koon! Plo's special power allows him to remove one of the enemy's Droid Army figures, and it comes up 54% of the time. If you are fighting against Plo Koon, try and take him out late, when victory is close at hand.

Tips for attacking General Grievous:
Whenever you have a chance to knock down General Grievous, take it. He is too much of a threat to leave on the table. He is a good figure to target if you get to go first and he is standing on the starting line unprotected.

Grievous doesn't provide a great target, but his chest or gun are your best bets.

Alternative Strategies
If you have Plo Koon, use him. General Grievous breaks into a sweat whenever he sees him on the other side of the battlefield. You may even try to leave Plo Koon fairly unprotected to see if you can bait your enemy into attacking him. It's a devastating blow to have your enemy reach over and take General Grievous off the table.


Anonymous said...

Yeh, I used to have him, and every thing you said about him is true. If i still had him, I'd use those tecnics a lot more.

gag said...

i have him from the series 2 starter set he is awesome