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Countdown to Star Wars Attacktix Series 2

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That's right kids, just a few more weeks untill we see the release of the much anticipated Series 2. Here's some great Series 2 info:

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Sirsteve's Comic Con Pics
Rebelscum's Comic Con Pics
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Cereal's Comic Con Updates
Attacktix Tactics Republic Gunship & Attacktix Future
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In addition to collecting all we know about Series 2 I hope others will use this thread to post any information they may come across. Including:

- where and when they spot Series 2 for sale (traditional stores/online stores)
- prices/sales/deals
- booster pulls
- first impressions
- gameplay
- how does Series 2 compare/mix with Series 1
- etc.

What can we expect from Series 2?
Series 2 will consist of 30 figures sold in 3 figure boosters with a suggested retail price of $6.99. Of these 30 figures 25 will be new figures with new sculpts and 5 will be repaints with new names/stats, etc. Series 2 will be released late August/early September.

New figure sculpts:
01 Jedi Knight
02 Uta Pau Warrior
04 Scout Trooper
05 ARC pilot
07 Royal Guard
10 Neimoidian Captain
11 Wookiee Captain
13 Bossk
14 Princess Leia
15 Jango Fett
16 Mace Windu
17 Darth Vader
18 Obi-Wan Kenobi
19 Destroyer Droid
20 Medic Droid
21 R2-D2
22 Tion Medon
23 Chewbacca
24 General Grievous
25 Darth Sidious
26 Darth Maul
27 Kit Fisto
28 Han Solo
29 Luke Skywalker
30 Boba Fett

Figure repaints how are they different?
03 Clone Trooper- repainted Series 1 Clone Trooper/same stats/new power- Rally/new team- Imperial.
06 Grievous Bodyguard- repainted Series 1 Grievous Bodyguard/12 movement (+2 from Series 1)/new power- Attackback.
08 Clone Commander- repainted Series 1 Commander Bly/Clone Commander/same stats/new power- Rally/new team (from Bly)- Separatist.
09 Clone Captain- repainted Series 1 Clone Lieutenant/new name/4 movement (-2 from Series 1)/new power- ?/new team- Republic.
12 Battle Droid Commander- repainted Series 1 Battle Droid/new name/20 points (+10 from Series 1)/6 movement (+2 from Series 1).

Series 2 will also see the release of a new starter consisting of 4 repainted figures with new names/stats, etc. with a suggested retail price of $9.99.

31 Mace Windu- Series 1 Mace Windu/smaller base/12 movement (+2 from Series 1)/new power- ?.
32 Anakin Skywalker- Series 1 Darth Vader/same stats/new power- ?/new team- Jedi.
33 Wookiee Warrior- repainted Series 1 Wookiee Commando/same stats/new power- ?/new team- Wookiee.
34 Clone Commander- repainted Series 1 Commander Gree/same stats/new power- ?/new team- Jedi.

New Battle Master
And, of course, Series 2 will see the release of the highly anticipated Battle Master Mega- Republic Gunship with a suggested retail price of $9.99. (see link above for details)

New Teams
Bounty Hunters

New Powers (that we know of)
Capture: Gain control of attacking figure for remainder of game if you have another figure in play
Rescue: Return this figure to the starting area if you have a (star wars class/attacktix class) in play

New Attack Variations
Kicking- 18 Obi-Wan Kenobi
2 Shots on a basic figure- 19 Destroyer Droid
Non-combat chance spinner (rally)- 20 Medic Droid
Non-combat chance spinner (attacks)- 21 R2-D2
Dual strikers- 24 General Grievous
Dual strikers- 26 Darth Maul
Backpack/bend-over launcher- 30 Boba Fett

On top of all this Series 2 will finially bring us the wide release (we hope) of the Battle Case with a suggested retail price of $12.99 and those Tournament Rules we've been waiting patiently for.

As you can tell, I'm very excited to see these guys hit the shelves, as I'm sure you are as well. Check back here for the latest on this release as we celebrate the biggest event (so far) in the ongoing story of our favorite game... STAR WARS ATTACKTIX!

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