Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Attacktix Rule FAQ

We are now maintaining an FAQ on the Attacktix Forum. Keep this link bookmarked so that you will always have the most up to date info from Hasbro. Attacktix players have been writing into Hasbro support since week one, and this compilation will help keep track of the rules and clarification. Below are some of the more recent replies from Hasbro.

Q: Do I need to grind my figure before I use my Recover Special Ability?
A: Yes, you must regrind your figure before he comes back into play. [HASBRO]

Q: Are there any Tournament Rules yet?
A: Hasbro has not yet released any official rules, but here are some detailed guidelines if you would like to run your own Tournament. Unofficial tournament rules

Q: Can I attack/possess my own team?
A: Yes, you can attack/possess and defeat your own teammates. [HASBRO]

Q: Can I glue my Yoda's other hand on to his lightsaber?
A: Yes, you may glue Yoda's other hand to the lightsaber. Add glue neatly and carefully and he will still be Tournament legal. [HASBRO]

Q: What if my figure breaks during Tournament play?
A: You are allowed five minutes during Tournament play to fix your figure. Crazy glue and epoxy will be allowed. [HASBRO]

Q: My new Grievous Bodyguard feels stiffer than my older one, why is this?
A: Hasbro has revised two figures from Series 1: Grievous Bodyguard and Yoda. The Bodyguard was made with a stronger grade of plastic, and Yoda now comes with his right hand glued to his lightsaber.

Q: Will I be able to buy Series 1 Attacktix after Series 2 is released?
A: No, Series 1 will be retired with the release of Series 2. You may see some repainted figures, or variations of old figures, but Series 1 Boosters will no longer be available on shelves.

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