Friday, August 12, 2005

Grievous Bodyguard #13 Tips and Tricks

Grievous Bodyguard #13
Guest Reviewer: Jason

SPECIAL POWER: Attackback (General Grievous)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Electrostaff)

The Grievous Bodyguard has a lot going for him. He is the only 10 point striker available in Series 1. He has 10 speed, which allows him to cover a lot of ground. And his special power has a 38% chance of occurring - 30% more than any other 10 point figure. And that may be his greatest strength - a legitimate shot at more attacks for your General Grievous. Finally, he is a trooper, allowing him to him keep Armored Vader, Starter Vader, or Starter Obi-Wan around.

Tips for attacking with Grievous Bodyguard:
The first thing you have to decide is whether to send the Bodyguards out with your strikers or leave him back with your General Grievous. If Grievous isn't on your team, you had better send him out with your strikers.

If you decide to keep your Bodyguards with Grievous, place them in front of him. He will still be able to shoot around their electrostaffs and if they go down, there's a fair chance it will provide Grievous with another attack.

Since the Bodyguard has 10 speed, he is a great candidate to back up your strikers. He can provide a little extra defensive support, and he is still a figure that must be reckoned with. He may also draw fire away from some of your more important figures. His special power is always a possibility, so having him close to the enemy is not a bad thing.

The Bodyguard can be a tricky figure to attack with. Since his striking surface isn't very big, you have to make sure you pick a good spot to attack your enemy. An extended weapon, arm, or on the head is a good choice.

The key to using the Bodyguard is to twist the base with your left hand, while holding the tip of his electrostaff with your right pointer finger and keeping your right thumb on his back, in between his shoulders. This will keep him from bending back when you twist him. Once he is ready to strike, be sure his electrostaff is touching the figure you want to attack (you may need to raise his arms for a higher hit). This will ensure the maximum amount of force, and with this guy you're going to need it. Using this technique, you can take down any non-Mega figure.

Tips for attacking Grievous Bodyguard:
Being a 10 point Trooper, the Bodyguard is pretty easy to take down. Your main concern is his special power. Before you take this guy out, make sure Grievous isn't in position to hurt you.

Alternative Strategies
Having this figure follow Starter Vader or Starter Obi-Wan will allow them to use their Sacrifice ability closer to enemy lines, rather than way back where your slower Troopers are.

Suggested striking method:


YodaBreaker said... I have to love on the Grievous Bodyguards, too! I'd totally forgotten that they were troopers, and your striking technique finally makes them dangerous opponents in their own right.

Anonymous said...

Another strategy for him is pull his staff up as high as possible and pull down and back at the same time. He'll only acctually twist a little, most of the force of this attack is from him bouncing up. This will only work if you got the non-prototype fig (figure with bendy legs). This knocks down every figure I have (tested with every figure I own including Boga).