Friday, June 09, 2006

Transformers Attacktix Series 1 Gold Spoilers - Megatron


BASE: Large
SPECIAL POWER: Sacrifice (Decepticon)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Energy Blast)

Day Four takes us on a slight departure from Transformers Attacktix Series 1, and brings you the Transformers figures of the Intergalactic Showdown pack! First off, keep in mind that the actual product does have a gold base, as shown in the packaging above. Megatron features a huge Energy Blast large enough to topple Luke and Optimus, at once. He hopes, anyway! The Intergalatic Showdown set (or Star Wars Vs. Transformers:SVT) will feature four Gold Based figures, and two standard Megas. Yesterday's Megatron in jet mode could easily bring Gold Megatron into battle (through Transform). His Sacrifice power will work with any Decepticon, so once in play Megatron will try his hardest to stay in play, if it means bringing down his own teammates.

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What's up with "Base Speed". Starting with these new sets, Attacktix figures have a new movement tracker. Instead of a printed number on the base, the figure speed is shown in the top window. Instead of just flipping from red to black, the window now shows the figures speed alternating between red and white text. All figures will have a base speed in line with previous figures, but speed dials can have "sweet spots" with an extra 'Tix of speed, or "weak spots" with a 'Tix less of speed.

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