Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Transformers Attacktix Series 1 Spoilers - Battle Ravage


BASE: Medium
SPECIAL POWER: Rally (Battle Ravage)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Mace)

Battle Ravage features yet another unique weapon, a Mace! The Mace is actually attached via a sturdy rope, creating a more wild and random attack. This version of Battle Ravage comes from the Energon series. Ravage has cannons that can be combined in a variety of ways, and the beast mode's tail disconnects to form a flail, or mace, that can be wielded in robot mode. Not a bad value for such a novel attack, but his Special Power only has value if you play with more than one Battle Ravage.

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What is Stun?
Stun: If White > Your opponent may not move any of their [CLASS] on their next turn.

What's up with "Base Speed". Starting with these new sets, Attacktix figures have a new movement tracker. Instead of a printed number on the base, the figure speed is shown in the top window. Instead of just flipping from red to black, the window now shows the figures speed alternating between red and white text. All figures will have a base speed in line with previous figures, but speed dials can have "sweet spots" with an extra 'Tix of speed, or "weak spots" with a 'Tix less of speed.

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webhead817 said...

This attack is really wacky. I've found that it works best by pulling back his arm, not the mace itself. Sometimes you can get a wicked whip action out of it where the string will wrap around a dudes arm or head and tip him over on the back new attack. - webhead817