Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Transformers Attacktix Series 1 Spoilers - Scorponok


BASE: Large
SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (2 X Insecticons)
ATTACK TYPE: Scoop (Arm)

Transformers Attacktix brings you yet another innovative attack type with Scorponok: the Scoop. It is very simple, just move Scorponok close to your opponent, and use your finger to push down (and away from your opponent) bringing his Scoop up and into your opponent's base! It is similar to the kicking Kenobi, but without a spring loaded attack. 30 Points for this large figure is not a bad deal at all, considering he can Recruit up to two Insecticons. This gives the Decepticons quite an advantage when it comes to the Recruit Power.

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What's up with "Base Speed". Starting with these new sets, Attacktix figures have a new movement tracker. Instead of a printed number on the base, the figure speed is shown in the top window. Instead of just flipping from red to black, the window now shows the figures speed alternating between red and white text. All figures will have a base speed in line with previous figures, but speed dials can have "sweet spots" with an extra 'Tix of speed, or "weak spots" with a 'Tix less of speed.


yaggleberry finn said...

I'm a little bit confused here. So are you saying this figure's attack power will simply be determined by how hard/quickly you push his arm (or shoulder) down?

That seems lame to me. No spring loaded attack isn't really an Attacktix!

Anonymous said...

I agree with yaggle. If it's about how hard you push this guy should take someone down every single time. He'd better be extreamly rare or something. I hope this isn't going to be a trend.