Friday, June 16, 2006

Transformers Attacktix Series 1 Spoilers - Skyblast


BASE: Medium
SPECIAL POWER: Transform (Skyblast-Vehicle)
ATTACK TYPE: Prodder (Energy Beam)

Joe Attacktix will wrap up the week by finishing off the Transformers Series 1 Starter Set. Both modes of Skyblast are found in the Starter, and they both have the Transform ability. This is a very good thing, as I remember getting Shaak Ti early in my collection, but having a hard time tracking down Ki-Adi-Mundi. The only odd thing with this Starter Set is that there are three Autobots and only one Decepticon. The figure itself has one of the rarer melee weapons, the prodder. Skyblast has a very long, sharp Enery Beam that looks like an arrow head. There is no mystery why this weapon will NOT leave the shaft. The thin beam can be great for shooting from behind teammates, or into the second row of an opponent. The beam can be rotated any direction before you fire, to get through narrow areas, or aim for a large target. If he manages to Transform upon his defeat, you can replace him with the 20 Point shooter version.

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What's up with "Base Speed". Starting with these new sets, Attacktix figures have a new movement tracker. Instead of a printed number on the base, the figure speed is shown in the top window. Instead of just flipping from red to black, the window now shows the figures speed alternating between red and white text. All figures will have a base speed in line with previous figures, but speed dials can have "sweet spots" with an extra 'Tix of speed, or "weak spots" with a 'Tix less of speed.

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(crying)why in gods name did they get rid of the stormtrooper and heavy stormtrooper? Dumkopfs!!!!