Thursday, June 22, 2006

Transformers Attacktix Series 1 Spoilers - Scourge


BASE: Small
SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Trooper)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Axe)

This one is my wife's favorite, and for good reason. Scourge has one of the coolest sculpts yet! Scourge is the leader of the Jungle Planet where the Transformers all have robotic Beast Modes, like Battle Ravage from yesterday. Also, like Battle Ravage, when in Robot Mode, his tail becomes a devastating weapon... in this case a huge battle axe! The axe has a bit of a hook on the end as well, which may be able to save a blown attack by grabbing and arm or leg. His Recruit Trooper ability will allow him to recruit one Trooper (from two different Decepticons), if you play strict teams, or any Trooper across the galaxy!

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What's up with "Base Speed". Starting with these new sets, Attacktix figures have a new movement tracker. Instead of a printed number on the base, the figure speed is shown in the top window. Instead of just flipping from red to black, the window now shows the figures speed alternating between red and white text. All figures will have a base speed in line with previous figures, but speed dials can have "sweet spots" with an extra 'Tix of speed, or "weak spots" with a 'Tix less of speed.


YodaBreaker said...

Wow...yeah, Scourge is a very pretty guy, indeed. And of course, he must be a pretty striker ! :)

However, his base picture says he's got a speed of 10 (rather than the 8 in the stats text), and the review says he can recruit tow troopers (whereas the stats say only one). Which is correct?

JoeAttacktix said...

The Speed is correct... that is an old shot from the Toy Fair. Also, I have corrected the wording on his power. He can only recruit ONE Trooper, but he has TWO to choose from if you want all Decepticon teams, meaning you can pick a Decepticlone OR an Insecticon.