Tuesday, April 12, 2005

AT-RT #37 Tips and Tricks

AT-RT #37

SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Trooper)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Blasts)

AT-RT (All Terrain - Recon Transport) is the first Mega Class figure I was able to test. This is a tough figure to take down. He has two "Target Spots" just above his feet. You'll need to attack them one at a time and once the second one falls down, the AT-RT should topple. Remember as long as any part of the base leaves the table, it is down.

That being said, it is still hard to get these targets to click back. At close range, mid range and long range the Blast just didn't cut it. They would bounce off, or ricochet, and even if it knocked it back it would lock back in place. If you do knock one down, sometimes a second shot will lock it back in place. Our HOUSE RULE if that happens is to set it back to the hit position. While we are on the subject of HOUSE RULES, we also play ONE shot per turn. We do not shoot all FOUR. We do, however, allow TWO shots in one turn from the AT-RT but then there is no second attack from a different figure. This can make it more exciting if he is the last one left, but we do not allow it to retarget. In other words, you can shoot a second time, but you can't aim in a new direction.

HOUSE RULES are friendly rules we have agreed on in our gaming circle, but they may not fly in yours.

Tip for attacking with AT-RT:
The AT-RT is basically a giant Clone Trooper as far as attacks go. The small Blasts work great from all distances, but keep in mind that the AT-RT is shooting from a much higher height. This extra height can change some "sweet spots" on familiar targets. Wookiees, for one, which I find wonderfully balanced, can take AT-RT Blasts from all distances and stay on their feet. If the Wookiees are giving you trouble, aim for the Striker Hand and you can get a knock down.

Little critters like Yoda get get right up to your base and be very difficult to hit. So before you take your first shot, make sure you don't need to move your figure back a Tix or two.

Tips for attacking AT-RT:
I can't say I have many sure-fire ways to knock the AT-RT over, but you will definitely need to sharpen your shooting skills. The "Target Spot" is pretty large, but the real spot to aim for is the upper frame of the target. Anything lower and you run the risk of a direct hit that doesn't knock it back.

Lightsaber Strikes can hit the spot, just make sure you line up the lightsaber with the upper part of the Target Spot. Most effective are the Force Blasts and the Wookiee Hand Strikes. Chewbacca is pretty inexpensive and can smack the Targets over, no problem, if he can survive. His massive hand that cause all the damage, also is his biggest target.

Force Blasts from close to medium range can do damage as well. At close range I recommend, again, aiming high on the Target and hope for the best. The Purple Blasts, when loaded, will block the large size of the Force Blast, which is why I recommend the following HOUSE RULE. The AT-RT does NOT reload at the beginning of each turn. We only allow reloads after all FOUR shots have been fired. This allows for a more vulnerable target, so you have to time your attack before it is reloaded.

One attack strategies
So do you want to impress/enrage your friends and take the AT-RT down with one attack? Here are some tips to PRACTICE, before you try these in battle.

WOOKIEE DEVASTATION. Load up with Wookiees, you want Tarfful to make it face-to-face with the Recon Transport. You also want Chewbacca if Tarfful falls. Tarfful needs to approach the AT-RT at the front of the AT-RT's left leg. Pull Tarfful up along AT-RT's left leg and aim his mighty hooked paw for the inside lip of the Target Spot. A good swing can catch Tarfful's claws on the lips of the Target and bring him spinning down. I can get this to work about 1/3rd of the time. So it's great to keep in mind if it's one-on-one!

Chewbacca needs to get behind the AT-RT and attack the inverted right knee of the AT-RT. Bring his huge hand to strike the inner circle of his right knee and he too can bring him down with one swipe. Tarfful can also be successful with the left knee. Chewie is not a 1 in 3 chance, but if he is all you have left, you can get lucky.

INTO the BELLY of the BEAST. This one works well with any of the Force Blasts Jedi. If your opponent leaves his AT-RT's head elevated enough for you to aim your extended arm underneath the missile rack, then fire UP and AWAY! Basically, if the Force Blast is cupping the missiles, it's a sure thing! If you play with the rule of firing ALL the missiles, then this strategy will NOT work (and you would probably be dead from this range). But as long as there is ONE missile in the rack, you can succeed. Keep it simple, raise your arm, touch the missiles, FIRE!

JEDI and WOOKIEE COMBO. If you are trying the Belly of the Beast move and all the missiles have been fired, you will need a backup plan! This worked well with Tarfful and Plo Koon, but I am guessing it will work with any Force Blast figure. Move Plo Koon directly in front of the AT-RT. Put the Force Blast in his hands with the tip side up. Now raise the arm higher so that the flat-sided bottom is touching BOTH Target Spots. The two tips should just be touching both Target Spots and make sure it is on the TOP of the targets. Make sure Plo Koon's Blast is literally TOUCHING both targets and leave him there.

Now move Tarfful in behind Plo Koon and whack your ally in the back. Chances are very high you will kick your own character, however, I am able to bring down the AT-RT about 80% of the time. It takes a bit of practice to make sure the Blast is lined up right, and that Tarfful hits him square in the back. It works, and it's an awesome way to bring him down.

Additional notes
I was very excited to get this figure, but then I was quickly disappointed once I discovered how defensive he is. I even took an Exacto knife to the AT-RT Driver's butt and separated him from his seat in an attempt to add a new strategy to the game. But even with him only hanging on by the handle bars, he is very hard to hit, and NEVER falls off. Don't waste your time slicing him out. If I can figure out any variations to play this figure I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

great tips i killed my brothers at rt with the strategies

Anonymous said...

u can kill it with missiles!!!!!! i lost bcos of ur "startagies" =(

Anonymous said...

General Grevious is a very dangerous foe to this figure. He can take out both targets at once, or better yet, knock this figure over without even hitting the targets. I have had my AT-RT fall twice to him in battle. I came up with a almost perfet defence. Use two force blast Jedi's to stand in front and protect the targets. This of course only works if your playing with a point value higher then 100.

Anonymous said...

I took it down without using the targets you get a reall power force blast figure go behind it and point the force blast strait up so that it's touching the bottom of the at rt then fire and it usaly falls over forward usually it may be suicidal but rarely.