Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gameplay Variations - Checkpoints

If you can't wait for the Battlecase Playset and the Capture the Flag variation, you may want to try these Variations. These may be included in the CTF rules, but in the meantime you can do it yourself.


In Checkpoints, the object is to control three points on the battle field. One is in the dead center of the field, the other two are about one foot from the edge of your starting point. Use electrical tape, or some type of non-permanent tape to mark an "X" in the center of your table. Then make two similar "X"s on each team's starting side, about one foot from the edge. Use a measuring device so that the distance is fair.

Gameplay is the same as King of the Hill, move all your figures and attack with only two. The object is to control all THREE Checkpoints. Only the unit standing on the "X" is in control. You must have one player on each of the Checkpoints to win. If you accidentally knock an opponent onto a Checkpoint, they DO keep control of the Checkpoint.

Anytime you kill an opponent who controls a Checkpoint, you get to Revive one of your defeated figures. If you do not have any figures who were defeated you do not get any bonus, nor can you recall this bonus later. This is like the "Dodgeball Rule", or Rally, but for the killer not the victim. Your revived figure starts two Tix away from the edge of your side of the table.

The main difference between Checkpoints and King of the Hill is that there is no need to keep score in Checkpoints. The first team to control all three Checkpoints wins. You do not need to complete your turn after the movement phase of your turn.

Getting killed while controlling a Checkpoint can really turn the tide. The possibility of keeping your figure a Tix or two away from the Checkpoint until you are ready to control it can eliminate a two person swing.

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