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Official Attacktix Tournament Rules

Attacktix Tournament Master Rules

The Star Wars Attacktix Master Rules are rules for use primarily in tournament play.

Object of the Game -

Knock down all your opponent's figures. When you are the last one standing, you win!

Setting Up (Set Up Phase) -

Each player builds a squad by taking Attacktix battle figures of equal total cost. The standard tournament game uses 100 points of figures.

For example, you take Anakin (Cost: 40), Shaak-Ti (40) and two Clone Troopers (10 each) for 100 points, and the other player takes Palpatine (40), General Grievous (30), and Commander Bly (30) for 100 points. The rest of your figures are your back-ups.

Note: While 100 is the recommended point value for a squad, you can run a tournament with any point value as long as all players have equal points.

Special all silver figures (figures given as prizes at Hasbro sanctioned official Attacktix tournaments) - Only one all silver tournament figure may be played as part of your squad during the tournament.

Proxies: A proxy figure (i.e. substitue from a friend) figures are not allowed during Attacktix tournament play. You must own any figure you intend to play.

Play on the floor or a table, with a surface that allows the figures to move easily. Recommended play area size is 30 by 30 inches. Players start opposite each other.

Before placing a battle figure in the play area, roll it forward a few "tix." This is called "grinding" and scrambles the Attacktix window on the bottom of the base. After grinding, start figures 2 "tix" in from the edge of the play area.

Determine who goes first by grinding a battle figure while covering the window on the top of its base. One player grinds, the other calls "red" or "black." Uncover the window on the base. The player that makes the correct guess gets to take the first turn.

Backups: You are allowed up to 50 points in your back-ups.

Battle Masters: No "Battle Masters" figures are allowed during official tournament play.

Your Turn -

When it's your turn, move as many of your battle figures as you want. You can then attack with up to two of your figures.

Moving Your Figures (Movement Phase) -

Your figure has a Speed number on the top of its base. You can move your figure up to that many tix forward or back. You can turn as you move, or turn without moving. You cannot move sideways (moving so the figure does not make the tixing noise). Count the tix, and when you hear the last one, you stop moving.

You cannot knock over or push other figures while moving.

Attacking (Attack Phase) -

In Star Wars Attacktix, there are three types of attacks.

* Launcher - Load and fire your battle figure's weapon. You load by inserting the missile into the launcher, pushing it until you hear it lock in place. Pressing the trigger releases the launcher. You can move the battle figure's arms and tilt it to fire. If your figure has multiple launchers, all of them may be used in an attack.
* Striker - Twist and release your figure to hit a battle figure that is next to yours. Hold the figure's base with one hand, and pull back on the weapon, turning the base the opposite direction as you do so. Release the weapon to attack.
* Possessor - The Emperor has a special type of attack that allows him to control other figures (see below).

You get two attacks per turn. You cannot attack twice with the same figure during your turn.

Knocking Over -

When your figure gets knocked over by an opponent, it is defeated. If any part of the base is not touching the ground, the figure is considered knocked over. A figure that is partially knocked over (it supports itself by a weapon or limb) is still considered knocked over.

Look at the bottom of your defeated figure for its special power. Special powers take effect immediately after a figure is knocked over even if your opponent has not finished his/her attack phase. Special powers are activated when the Attacktix Window on the bottom of the base shows white. If the window is not white, ignore the special power.

After you have used the special power, put the figure in your defeated area.

Special powers can affect the battle figure that has been knocked over or another battle figure. The affected battle figure can be listed by name, Attacktix class, or Star Wars class. If the listed figure is not available, then the special power does not happen.

If you knock over multiple opponent's figures during an attack, all of them are defeated. If you accidentially or purposefully knock over your own figure during an attack, it is defeated.

Special Powers -

Here are the Special Powers:

* Attackback: Make a free move and attack for your listed battle figure.
* Rally: Bring the listed figure into play from your defeated area. Figure is placed 2 tix in from your starting edge.
* Recover: Stand up the knocked-over figure where it fell if you have the listed figure in play. If knocked out of play area, figure is placed 2 tix in from your starting edge.
* Recruit: Bring the listed figure into play from your back-ups. Figure is placed 2 tix in from your starting edge.
* Shootback: Make a free attack with your listed battle figure.
* Sacrifice: Replace the listed figure with the battle figure that was knocked over. The replaced figure is sent to its defeataed area, and its special power does not function.
* Vengeance: Remove opponent's listed figure and put it in its defeated area. Its special power does not take effect.

Always "grind" a figure by rolling it forward a few tix before putting it into play.

If more than one figure is knocked over by the same attack, the attacker chooses the order in which the special powers occur.

The Emperor -

The Emperor has a special form of attack known as possession. The Emperor may attack any figure that it touches. The Emperor is then attached to the figure that it "possesses" by lifting and clamping its arms around the possessed figure.

Once attached, the Emperor's base cannot touch the play area. If you can't attach the Emperor without him touching the play area, the possession does not take affect. The Emperor is left next to the battle figure it was attempting to possess.

The possessed figure immediately becomes part of the Emperor's side and its attack can be used as part of normal play. If the possessed figure is knocked over, the player controlling the Emperor may use its special power. After being knocked over and the special power (if any) resolved, the figures -- including the Emperor -- are sent to their original owner's defeated areas. The possession ends if the Emperor is knocked off by opponent attack (and possessed figure remains standing). If the Emperor falls off for other reasons, Emperor is reattached.

You Win When -

You knock over or remove all of your opponent's figures. Last one standing wins!

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