Friday, April 29, 2005

Wookiee Commando #9 & #33 Tips and Tricks

Wookiee Commando #9 & #33
STAR WARS CLASS: #9 Wookiee / #33 Republic
SPECIAL POWER: #9 Rally (Wookiee) / #33 Attackback (Leader)
SPECIAL POWER RATIO: #9 8/26 (31%) / #33 18/26 (69%)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Blasts)

The Wookiee Commando, is my favorite support unit for the Wookiee Teams. The larger type Blasts will pack more punch than the Wookiee Scouts. The Commando's arched back will help keep him balanced, and allow him to get moved around a bit from long ranged attacks, but he can still be taken down with some ease. They have a larger base, are actually pretty light for their size, so they can take a bit of a beating.

The Wookiee Class Commando can be picked up in the booster sets, and is a valuable asset to the Wookiee Team. About one third of the time we will allow one of your defeated Wookiees to come back into play. Also, the fact that he is a true Wookiee, he can help keep Tarfful in play, and also get a free attack with Chewie (should their Special Powers activate).

The Republic Class Commando is only found in the Starter Set. He works well with the Wookiee Team, even though he is not truely a Wookiee. He can still give Tarfful a free attack, should he fall, and can attack as a Wookiee decoy. I do not endorse cheating, but if YOU forget he is not a Wookiee and your opponent does too, he may take advantage of your Wookiee powers, as well.

In the same sense, your opponent will probably not check your figures out that closely, so he will probably just fire at who ever is the easier target. If you have a strategy for one Commando, use that to your advantage.

Tip for attacking with Wookiee Commando:
The Commando's large missile can do a lot of damage. Use the basic skills of the Shooters, aiming for any extended parts of the figure (
arms, guns, etc) to try to knock them off balance. Using your projectile Wookiees in groups will help them reinforce one another. Send your Strikers in, providing a shield from your opponent's Shooters. Be sure to allow enough room, and line of sight, for your Shooters to take out your opponents.

Tips for attacking Wookiee Commando:
The Wookiee Commando has good balance, but can still be taken down from any distance. Take a look at the team and try to eliminate the Wookiee support first. A shot on Tarfful could go wasted if he gets to Stand Up again. Killing Chewie could also give your opponent a free turn if he has two other Wookiees in play. Eliminating the Wookiee Commando first will prevent his Special Power form having any effect, since no Wookies will have been defeated. Then take out the Scouts, who give free attacks to their Warriors. Finally, take out the Strikers!

Alternative Strategies
Attacktix Wookiee Weekend is almost over, the Wookiee Team Strategy is coming next.

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