Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tarfful #29 Tips and Tricks

Tarfful #29

SPECIAL POWER: Recover (Wookiee)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Hand)

Tarfful is an awesome striker figure. His enormous hand will take down anyone and anything it hits. Including the AT-RT! He is very tough to knock down with projectiles from nearly any distance. Tarfful, and the rest of the Wookiees, seems to have a body/center of gravity that can withstand big and small Blasts to the chest and body.

It's best to use Tarfful with as many Wookiees as possible. He has just less than a one in three chance of using his Recover power. Having a team of all Wookiees, or just a few in the back, while Tarfful charges in can give you the opportunity to get in close and not worry about getting killed. That is, if you are feeling lucky.

Our HOUSE RULE for using Tarfful's Recover Special Power is to literally "Stand Up" Tarfful in the spot he is lying. If Tarfful was knocked back twelve inches, then he is Recovered in that spot, and NOT from where he was struck. If Tarfful was knocked OFF the table, then he is put back into play closest to where he fell from the table.

Tip for attacking with Tarfful:
As with an Striker, Tarfful needs to be next to his target to attack. Once you have pulled Tarfful back, and he is poised to strike, you can position his hand directly next to the target to swipe him down. Alternatively, you can release his hand 180 degrees away from the target and allow the full force of his hand to knock the target back, and try to knock over some other enemies with the falling target.

When not using Tarfful to attack, keep his hand twisted down to the floor. Keeping it raised will make Tarfful a vulnerable target.

TWO FOR ONE: As mentioned in the tip above, a figure that is to the left of Tarfful's target (since Tarfful must attack from the right) could be taken down with one swipe of his mighty paw.

Tips for attacking Tarfful:
Tarfful is a tough figure to bring down from a distance. Many times have I seen Blast deflect off his chest and legs. The only Sweet Spot I have seen on Tarfful that will take him down every time is his Striking Hand. Tarfful is well balanced, even a well placed shot in his back isn't a sure thing. But if your opponent leaves Tarfful's hand in air, take him out before he gets to you.

Playing against Tarfful is tricky. It will probably take him 2 turns to get within Striking distance of your team, so take your early turns to eliminate his other Wookiees. Knocking Tarfful over is NOT always final, any other Wookiee on the your opponent's team is an opportunity for Tarfful to recover. On the other hand, knocking off the other Wookiees could activate their special power just as easily, moving Tarfful one step closer to you, but you need to start your attacking somewhere.

Spending too much time focusing on Tarfful first, could cause your well placed, cross-table shot to be negated!

Alternative Strategies
Attacktix Wookiee Weekend will conclude with an Attacktix Wookiee team and strategy.

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