Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Attacktix Celebration Secrets and Gossip

Information overheard at Celebration 3.

Special thanks to Dex1138 at for the C3 Gossip

An Attacktix/Hasbro rep. was asked what is special about the Attacktix Chrome Bases.
The rep. replied that though there is nothing made known yet, "They will have a special significance soon and to hold onto them." She would elaborate no further.

The display cases at C3 also contained Attacktix figures that were all silver. Not just chrome based, but painted entirely silver. These were tournament prizes for the first ever Attacktix Tournament held at C3. Check out the Tournament Prize Versions below. The coolest part being their all black projectiles.

Chewbacca Clone Trooper General Grievous Shaak Ti Yoda

None of the above have been spotted on eBay yet!

Some quick secrets and gossip.

Chrome bases are a variant. 1:3 boosters should get you one.

Carry case is due out first week in May. Holds 12-18 figs depending on their size.

Next wave due out in Aug/Sep. Each wave will introduce new rules/abilities. There will be new rules for bounty hunters.

R2-D2 has no attack, but instead has a spinner (numbered 1-5) built in. You can spin to see how many units can fire on your turn, but he can backfire, leaving you with only 1 attack!

Medical Droid will also be without an offense, and have the numbered dial (1-5). Once it counts down, you can bring back a defeated unit. Possibly counts down one per turn.

The Republic Gunship will be able to pickup units and fly them into combat! The unit can then disembark and move using its own movement.

A Grievous Striker figure could be seen in a later series. Six lightsabers?

An unnamed Attacktix creator advised C3 Conventioneers to shoot for the base and not to be afraid to take the headshot. But, maybe they are lying to gain an unfair advantage. They could be "Tricksie"!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome gossip. I had really wanted to know what the R2-D2 did.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome gossip. I had really wanted to know what the R2-D2 did.

Anonymous said...

This is a great site...

I just wanted to add to the silver tounament figures, since I was one of the winners of the C3 tournament for the 20+ age group.

Everyone there received a pack containing a silver Attacktix figure and the winners for each age bracket received 3. The silver Attacktix that I opened and was extremely happy to receive were Shak Ti,Chewie, and Grevious. The difference between the silver and regular Attacktix are that they have longer movement or less cost to play. Chewie moves 12 spaces instead of ten, Shak Ti is a 30 cost instead of 40, and I believe Grevious is a 20 instead of a 30(not sure because I gave it to my cousin...huge Grevious fan!).

When I was chopping it up with the creator of Attacktix he had indicated that the silver tournament figures will be given to winners of future tournaments. Also that only one silver figure maybe used in tournament play.

Overall the tournament was awesome and I would like to make a shot out to my favorite Attacktix figure MACE WINDU!!!(His ability and big base saved my ass big time!)